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1:18 Scale GMP G1800221-222 GNX Drag Buicks

Details about this Model:

Car Name: GNX Drag Buick

GMP Part Number: G1800221-G1800222

Vehicle Color: 1 blue, 1 gray

Interior Color: gray

Production Run: 650 each

Release Date: June 2008

Window Sticker Included: no

Envelope For Window Sticker: no

Lithograph Made: no

Lithograph Production Quantity: n/a

Litho Autographed by: n/a

COA Included: no

Outer Box: no

Part of a Set/Group: yes (2 cars)


THIS is the 29th & 30th car in the series.


These scale replicas are part of a 2 car set (released at the same time) from GMP.
THIS post is a general description of these 2 models.
Immediately following THIS post, (in about an hour), we will be publishing the details about each individual car, so stay tuned!


These were part of the “Street Fighter” series, even though that logo is very small on these boxes, and it didn’t state the “Streetfighter” name in the title of the vehicle (as had been done on the previous SF car {#G1800215}; and would be done on the last car ever produced by GMP, {#G1800226} the Fast & furious replica).


GMP continued to use the gold license plates on these diecast cars.
(even though the “GOLD” plates were only done because of Epitome’s 300 Club – and EE was now finished with GMP).


The rest of the models in the TB series from this point forward, would have no outer white boxes like the other cars previously had.


gmp gnx drag buick


gmp gnx drag buick diecast


gmp gnx drag buick modelgmp gnx drag buick model cargmp streetfighter drag buick gnx


gmp street fighter gnx drag buickgmp street fighter buick gnx diecastgmp streetfighter buick gnx model


gmp diecast gnx drag buickgmp model gnx drag buickgmp blue gnx drag buick


gmp gray gnx drag buick


If you missed the descriptive overview on these 1:18 scale models:  GMP Turbo Buick Series


NEXT car in the series: The (1st of 2) gray GNX Drag Buick!
Be SURE to come back here today in about an hour to see it!


Check out the 2 drag GNX cars:   gray   blue


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