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AI Music Apps Involving The Buick Grand National

Buick Grand National Music Video!
(see the new song at the bottom)

The robots are coming! The robots are coming!
(Well, they’re mostly already here…)

With AI being more and more integrated into our world then ever before, we’ve decided we’re going to play around with some of the various ai robot apps & programs and see what they can do for us.

Educational but fun, and sometimes useful, that’s what it’s all about, right?

This a new series of informational posts & things that are being implemented here on this website.
Some of it us useful for production, some of it just fun stuff.

We will try out the (mostly free, some are just free trial periods) assorted programs that we can find, tell you what they are, what we experimented with, and give you all the deets, so you can give them a whirl if you like!
Could be useful if you put your creative mind thru the paces.

We here at will of course, always integrate the Buick Grand National into whatever we play with (as what else would you expect us to do!?).

The first one (here) that we’re doing, is a thing called creating a “chirp.”
It basically makes music (a short song) for you.
With it, you can enter existing song lyrics, but change the genre style, and it will spit out the lyrics and produce a new short video for it!

Or you can simply enter some words (keywords on topics that interest you, or a sentence about what you want), along with a specific music style, and it will manufacture something from that.

The videos produced are about 40 seconds long.
And they give you 2 different versions to choose from.


From Suno (it’s a musical community on Discord) – (go here to get it: then navigate / search for “Suno”), use their particular AI to make and create, or convert songs and music.

[Just FYI, Discord is a site with numerous different communities. Music, gaming, education, tech, entertainment, etc., etc., and each community will probably have their own ai robots to do assorted tasks. You can access all of the different subjects through your same one account on Discord]

[it’s a bit of a learning curve to finding what you need on this site, but if you google “how to” for the specific thing you want to do or use, or look on youtube, there’s always help to figuring things out. That’s how we found this specific ai tool]

You get 5 “chirps” (videos) per day under the free plan, but you have to setup an account using your email (which you must verify, so use 1 of your real email accounts that you are able to check).
Then accept TOS and choose a few things along the way to complete the process.
Not too painful, took about 5 minutes to set the entire thing up.

The below is what we made, using the supplied chatGPT, with “rock” as the type of music, and entering the subject “a guy driving a buick grand national car” into the bottom box.

Within seconds, the song lyrics come back (printed on the screen).
After a few minutes of rendering, the actual video is produced, where you can download it!
It’s in MP4 format, and you can post it or share it wherever you like!
(we posted our new video below)

Pretty cool.
Too bad the background image is of a Corvette!
(but at least it’s a car, and looks semi-cool for what it is)

Kind of a corny song, but the lyrics (mostly) fit in with the subject matter we gave it (Buick Grand National).

The 1st version is like soft rock, the 2nd more like hard rock.


This whole process (signing up, then creating both sets of these videos), took about 10 minutes total. A quick and easy system to use.


This could be a neat thing for those with a need to utilize something like this.
We tried out this one since it’s free and looked really easy to use (which it was, after watching a video on exactly what buttons to press to make things happen).
Of course, it does have it’s limitations, but perfect for us testing it here.
There’s other musical based AI’s out there, and a quick search will probably reveal a ton of them should you be so inclined.


The Basic Info YOU NEED to know for ALL of these “AI” sites/apps/programs:
some of these “free accounts” may post your creations on their sites, as examples of whats being done by other users.
MEANING: if what ever you are creating needs to remain “private” – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – (as in a piece of work you intend on selling) – you will probably need to have a paid account to keep your creations secure from prying eyes!
(otherwise anyone who sees it can take it and copy it, or use it directly as their own!)
You should also read the TOS to see if what you’re making has limitations as far as where and how you can use your newly made item. Such as “commercial use” and whatnot.



Cruisin’ down the highway, dark as the night
In my Buick Grand National, the speed’s in my sights
Turbocharged engine, roaring like thunder
I feel alive as the road pulls me under

Grand National, take me for a ride
Burning rubber, fueling my pride
With the wind in my hair, I’m ready to go
Revving the engine, putting on a show

[Style of Music]




[this “set of 2” videos cost “1 chirp” – so you could get 10 different versions daily if you needed to. You get 5 chirps daily]



We also figured since we most likely won’t be using this specific AI a lot (or ever again, lol) might as well do one for the Buick Regal T Type crowd.

Using the “random” music style, which could be literally anything.
Check out what it came up with.
Metal and not so metal.
Not too shabby overall.

(and the background on this one is a Ferrari/Lambo? on a racetrack)


Racing down the highway, fast and free
Buick Regal T Type, the ride for me
Turbocharged engine, power and grace
Leaving all my worries, back in the race

Oh, Buick Regal T Type, you’ve got style and speed
Cruising through the night, fulfilling every need
With your sleek design and roaring V6
You’re the ultimate machine, my love affair, I can’t resist

Style of Music






This new category on the BTR site (“AI stuff“) will be exploring other AI ROBOTS, so stay tuned to see what we’ll be experimenting with next!

Rock on Turbo Regal peeps!!!


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