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As a member of the Buick community, I see a lot of people looking for the differences, or variations in the Turbo Regal muscle cars, whether it be a Grand National, T-type, Turbo T, WE4, WH1, GNX, Limited, etc. 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, or 1987.

In an effort to have a convenient place to actually see ALL of the different models & colors that were made by GM on the Buick Regal, we have created this one-stop source that tells & shows in pictures all the color exterior options available!

To avoid unnecessary duplication, only ONE car of each respective color / model / option will be shown, however, if there are other exterior options that were available (black out package vs non-black out), those will be included also.

For example, if there’s a picture of a 1986 Limited with a hardtop, in white, that will be listed on it’s respective page.
Then let’s say there’s a 1986 Limited, with t-tops, in white, that will be shown too on that same page.
Finally, there may be a 1986 Limited, with t-tops, in white + the padded roof option, that one would be on the same page as well.
Get the idea? They all are differently optioned cars.
Only those with Factory Option exterior differences will be included.

Each car / color will have it’s own page, and you can go to the BUICK REGAL LIST (aka The Turbo Buick List) page to start (consider that the index page for finding all the different Turbo Regal cars).

NOW, here’s where YOU come in. Got a TR?
Please help out, which will help ALL of us Buick lovers out.
I’ll donate my time & effort to compile all of this Buick Regal information & keep the site running.

If you own a certain Turbo Regal, please email us a picture of it to be included within this site (if we don’t have that particular model already listed) – you can be a star on the internet! (ok, well, your car would actually be the star). That’s how YOU can help out!

I’d like to be able to list all your details (on the car) with the pictures, with your name & city or state but thats completely optional.

See the SAMPLE PAGE for how pages will be listed!
You can submit your photos via the “contact us” link (on the right side of this page).

Hopefully, eventually, this site will be able to show you ALL of the different colored Turbo Regals!

If you have some information concerning a specific model that you’d like to share, please email us!

Tell everyone you know about this BUICK GRAND NATIONAL website!
Be sure to BOOKMARK it for your future reference! (or use the ‘share’ button below each entry!)

We want to see your Buick Grand National, Buick T-type, Buick Turbo T, Buick We4, Buick Wh1, Buick GNX, Buick Limited, etc.

Won’t you please share your pride and joy (and your knowledge too) with us for others to look at and learn from? Thanks.

Now GO to the BUICK REGAL LIST page and see the muscle cars!

If you’re shopping for Buick Parts for your Grand National, GNX or T-type, Go Here: Turbo Buick Parts