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Regal Deals (Special Buys)

Here’s a page that has some special deals on Buick Regal items!

These are very limited items here, & usually there is ONLY ONE of each item available, so if you want it, BUY IT RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S GONE!!! Payment via Paypal!

Once the item is sold – it will be removed from this page, so if you still see the item listed here – you can still acquire it!

The prices shown below ALL include shipping to you!!! (unless stated otherwise)






1:18 Scale GMP Buicks For Sale:
(ONLY the cars listed below are for sale, NO others in the set are for sale!)
The cars you see in the PICS are the exact cars you will receive!
{cars are deleted when sold, so if it’s listed here, you can still acquire it!}
ONLY 1 of each car is available!

*** ALL prices for diecast cars include shipping (in USA only), via Paypal. ***

CONTACT ME for any of the below!


** 8002 1986 White T-type (1 of 5004 made, small dent in box) $85 (PICS HERE)

** 8004 1985 Maroon t-type (1 of 3312 made) $85 (PICS HERE)


** 8009 1983 Molly prototype (1 of 2400 made) $150, includes matching # litho (PICS HERE)

** 8010 Tweaked (teal green) (1 of 3500 made) $150, includes matching # litho (PICS HERE)

** 8101 GNX XRAY (1 of 3504 made) $160, includes matching # litho (PICS HERE)


** 8102CB Chrome blue Turbo T (1 of 200 made) $260 (PICS HERE)


** 8103 Black Chrome GNX (1 of 2003 made) $160, includes matching # litho (PICS HERE)


** G1800213, CAR 3 OF 3, 1987 WE4 Turbo T Regal (black) – (1 of 750 made) $115 (PICS HERE)


** G1800216 D84 brown / light brown two tone Regal Turbo T, (1 of 500 made), $90 (PICS HERE)
** G1800217 D84 silver/gray two tone Turbo T (1 of 500 made; small dent in box) $90 (PICS HERE)
** G1800219 D84 rosewood / dark red two tone Regal Turbo T, (1 of 500 made), $90 (PICS HERE)
(set overview on ALL 4 two-tone cars PICS HERE)


** G1800222 Drag GNX blue $95 (PICS HERE)
(set overview on BOTH drag cars PICS HERE)


** G1800224 1986 t-type black (red interior) (1 of 750 made) $115 (PICS HERE)
** G1800225 1986 t-type white (red interior) (1 of 250 made) $115 (PICS HERE)
(set overview on BOTH cars PICS HERE)


Interesting Facts about these cars that you probably didn’t know! (CHECK HERE)


CONTACT ME to acquire any of these!



PARTS (shown below):
Contact me for more details or if you’re interested in purchasing!
Prices are listed below, but there’s NOT a paypal buy now button.
IF you see it here, it IS still available! contact me
Parts are located in Michigan.
{click pics for a bigger photo if needed}

Centerline Convo Pro Rims, rears, (fits GM/G-bodies/etc), 15×8.5 backspacing= 3.375 with Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro tires, 28×10.50-15LT (LOTS of tread left) These have tubes in them & tires are screwed to the rims. Metal valve stems. No center caps.
I believe I can do $650 shipped in US48, including paypal fees, but I’ll need to box up & check your location to be sure! (CA, TX or FL, prob not). $500 if you pick them up! contact me

Turbo 6 Logo Air Fresheners! Strawberry flavor!
Just $5 and I will ship you one out!


buick literature disc
Here’s an AWESOME disc with A TON of Turbo BUICK information on it!
Got no room to store hundreds of magazines? No problem…
Check out all the BUICK Literature on here:

34 magazine ads (the original ones Buick used to promote all the turbo regals).
310 magazine articles (ALL of the major publications included).
8 buick brochures (sales/dealer/factory).
63 other files/images (trading cards, calendars, misc).

415 total pieces of information! WOWEE!!

You’d never be able to acquire (or even probably put on your bookshelf for that matter) ALL of the stuff you’re getting on this disc! You want an excellent reference source for Turbo Buick Regal Grand National GNX & T-type information?
Well, THIS IS IT! and available inexpensively too!
it’s a dvd data disc, most files are pdf’s, insert in your computer to view!

Just $9.99 shipped to your door!
CONTACT ME (Buick Literature Disc)