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Turbo Buick Regal GN T YouTubers

Buick YouTubers



If you have some free time on your hands, looking to kill time, want to learn how to do stuff on a Turbo Regal, or even just learn more about the Turbo Buicks, there’s at least a dozen people who post some great informational, and fun, stuff about the Buick Regals.

These are all guys who own a G-body Regal.
They work on them, modify them, and race them, so they know their stuff.
Some of these Youtubers post more often than others.
All of them already have great content on youtube just waiting for you to watch.

We are posting a list of the ones we know below, because more knowledge (and entertainment) is always a good thing, and we don’t mind sharing resources for these guys so you can learn something or just have fun and a laugh with others that are experiencing some of the things that you and I also go through with these turbocharged beasts (whether that happens to be a good or a bad situation).


Do you know a Youtuber that has Buick Regal content, and wants to be listed here?
[ contact us – let us know! ]



Classic Gbody Garage (Buicks as well as all the other G-body vehicles!)

Emelio Marmol

Jason Salvatore

Daniel Lane (Skinny Pedal Motorsports)

Enrique Ojeda (HellCat National)

Mike Burbridges

One Eyed Wiilys

Delco Detail

Gary Kokotis Captain Electrical

MIKES-TURBO T, Mike hodge

Eluder Racing

Justin Finelli

J of All Trades

Junkyard Digs

Watts Performance Solutions

Charles Long

Superbrowndude National_TRX

Jeremy Wood

Turbo Buick Racing Channel


Peanut’s Automotive Adventures (Buick GN + other cars too)

Eli Daflyest


Musclecar Steve

Block Sports

Dave Ernst



G-Body Toys

AJ Racing


Grand National and T-Type Performance Enthusiasts

Dave’s Buick channel

Steve V’s Automotive
(a fellow Buick brother who assembles engines, fixes TR’s & more! GOOD stuff!)

(Alex has recently acquired this GN [end of 2022] & will be doing upgrades soon!)


(search “buick” and/or “gnx”)

AJ’s Speed Shop

(videos concerning Powermaster brake system)



Turbobuicks 101
(this is a great channel for those who are new to Buick Turbo Regal cars!)

John Doc


Jason’s Gbody Media
(1986 Buick Regal Limited)

GM EFI Magazine
(all kinds of neat things in here, Buicks & more!)


Rothschilds Misfit Garage (restoring a 1984 WH1 car!)

Life of Jordie B


And the miscellaneous stuff we have posted on youtube: