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1:18 Scale GMP 8104A 1987 Grand National Drag Version

Details about this Model:

Car Name: 1987 Grand National Drag Version

GMP Part Number: 8104A

Vehicle Color: yellow

Interior Color: black/gray race style

Production Run: 480

Release Date: April 2004

Window Sticker Included: no

Envelope For Window Sticker: no

Lithograph Made: yes

Lithograph Production Quantity: 480

Litho Autographed by: n/a

COA Included: yes

Outer Box: yes

Part of a Set/Group: yes (2 car set)


THIS is the 17th car in the series.


The last post made on this website (about an hour ago), contained some details about this 2 car set in general.
{you can refer back to it for some more specifics about THIS car, or to see the COA, pictures of the boxes, the lithograph, etc. Look here: Drag GN set}


This has to be the wildest looking model of any that was offered in this series.
With a custom paint job consisting of screaming yellow paint with flames, it is pretty ‘hot’!


vette eater buick grand nationalcorvette eater 1987 buick grand nationalgmp corvette eater 1987 buick grand national


epitome corvette eater 1987 buick grand nationalepitome corvette eater 1987 grand nationalgmp corvette eater 1987 grand national


gmp corvette eater 1987 buickepitome corvette eater 1987 buickgmp part number 8104A


gmp 8104A yellow flame grand nationalgmp 8104A yellow flame buick grand nationalgmp 8104A yellow flamed 1987 buick grand national


yellow with flames 1987 buick grand nationalyellow flames buick grand nationalyellow buick grand national


flames buick grand national1987 buick grand national yellow and flames1987 buick grand national flame paint job


diecast yellow buick grand national flame paint jobgmp buick grand national limited editiongmp 1987 buick grand national limited edition diecast


The Inner Box says:

“We Brake For Corvettes” was a popular bumper sticker sold in Buick dealerships back in 1987, because it was clear that every time a new Corvette lined up against a new Grand National at the dragstrip, the Buick was going to win. Yes, the Corvette was a more complete performance car. It could out handle and out brake a Grand National and it certainly had better aerodynamics, fit and finish. But when it came to brute force power onto the pavement, that was the Grand National’s game and it didn’t like losing. With a few inexpensive modications, the Grand National’s turbocharged and intercooled 231 cubic inch V6 engine can easily push the brick shaped Buick into the 12-second range at the dragstrip, far too challenging for a 1987 Corvette. Grand Nationals weren’t only getting drivetrain modifications, some were getting custom paint jobs. The yellow w/ flames 1987 Grand National Drag Version in this box was built for Epitome Exclusives’ 300 GOLD Club Members Only to commemorate that short, late 1980s era…….. when the Grand National earned its reputation as the “VETETR”.

gmp 8104 limited edition diecast

gmp 8104 limited edition buick diecast model

the 8104A box is on top

gmp 8104 buick diecast model


If you missed the descriptive overview on these 1:18 scale models:  GMP Turbo Buick Series


NEXT car in the series: (2nd half of the 2 car set listed above) black Drag GN.
Be SURE to check back, in about an hour from now, to see it!


Want to see a list of ALL the diecast cars ever produced? (including GMP & many more). >>> Buick Regal Diecast Cars <<< [/box]


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