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1:18 Scale GMP 8003 1987 Buick GNX

Details about this Model:

Car Name: 1987 Buick GNX

GMP Part Number: 8003

Vehicle Color: black

Interior Color: black/gray

Production Run: 8547

Release Date: Nov 1999

Window Sticker Included: yes

Envelope For Window Sticker: yes

Lithograph Made: yes

Lithograph Production Quantity: 547

Litho Autographed by: M. Doble (Mike Doble)

COA Included: no

Outer Box: yes

Part of a Set/Group: no


THIS is the 3rd car in the series.
This is the only car in the entire series that came with a plain brown outer box.
(not surprising, since GMP didn’t know at the time that customers would be thrilled to get a fancy styled outer box with later purchases!)


With a first appearance of a new envelope (EE’s doing) to hold the window sticker, it had Epitome Exclusives logo, which was stamped in green ink (which the color would end up being different for each new model released) and had the cars GNX number written on it.


Interestingly, when they printed the replica window sticker, they left out the last 4 digits of the VIN number!


This is the first car that Epitome Exclusives participated in.
They were responsible for the special lithograph (also the first litho ever created for this series) being produced, as well as starting up the Buick 300 Gold Club with this car!
The lithos came inside their own box, ink stamped on the top left with the EE logo (in green, same as the window sticker envelope), and showed the L/E production run car number handwritten on it.
The 11″ tall x 14″ wide lithographs were hand numbered to 547 copies, and personally autographed by Mike Doble, using a silver ink pen.
The Epitome Exclusives logo is shown at the bottom (in the center), with a picture of the GNX model & the car number stamped on the lower right side.


The model itself has the GNX turbo shield (with the word GNX printed on it), and correct appearing grill & trunk emblems, as well as (standard to GNX) fender vents & flares.
The chassis featured the special GNX-only rear end, and a sticker on the spare tire wheel well that stated “ee GNX 032” meaning: Epitome Exclusives, GNX (the car type), and 032 (the car number from this production run).
{this would be 1 of only 2 cars to receive a sticker like this, the other car being the next one in this series (8004; Autumn Maple T type). Apparently Epitome figured these weren’t necessary once they saw how the process was developing in this series, and later cars would actually have the car number printed on the license plate, making these stickers obselete}.


The interior of the vehicle shows a simulation of the ASC created dash, the correct tri-shield logo on the steering wheel, but no numbered dash plate like the real GNX has.


You could own a Buick GNX back in 1987 for the sticker price of $29,290! (that’s of course, assuming you could find a dealer that would sell you one at that price, since most dealers were charging a $10,000 premium over sticker at the time!)


GMP Buick GNX lithograph


GMP Buick GNX Lithomike doble buick gnxbuick gnx lithograph


1987 Buick GNX lithograph1987 Buick GNX lithoEpitome Exclusives Box


The Lithograph says:

547 GNX’s: Buick’s Mike Doble Creates A Legend

The Legendary 1987 Buick GNX was born from the mind of Buick’s Mike Doble. As concept vehicles and technology manager of Buick Motor Division, Doble was asked to create a special edition of the very powerful and popular, yet retiring, Grand National. Rather than a simple body trim option, Doble envisioned a more complete package, in fact, the most complete muscle car ever to be built. In 1987, his conception became a automotive history, when Buick unleashed 547 tire shredding GNX’s onto America’s roadways and raceways. From it’s fully functional ladder bar suspension and quick spooling ceramic turbocharger to it’s engineered fender vents and wild fender flares, the GNX screams acceleration. It’s low 13 second quarter mile E.T.’s and easy tuneability into the 12s make Buick enthusiasts salivate and most drag strip competition say “uncle”, even today. Mike Doble and 547 individually numbered Buick GNX’s have made their mark on the automotive industry and on countless thousands of drag racers who can’t believe their beastly V* was just savagely devoured by a “little” Buick V6. When asked if the 1987 Buick GNX is the complete muscle car he originally envisioned, Mike Doble enthusiastically answers………. “mission accomplished and more!”


buick window sticker envelopebuick gnx window sticker1987 buick gnx window sticker


1987 buick gnx window sticker replica1987 buick gnx mini window sticker1987 buick gnx mini window sticker replica


GMP 1987 Buick Regal GNX


GMP Buick GNX BoxGMP 1987 Buick GNX BoxGMP 8003 1987 Buick GNX Box


GMP Buick GNX diecastGMP Buick GNX diecast model


The Box says:

Then GNX was designed to be the “Grand National to end all Grand Nationals.” Outwardly the GNX resembles the Grand National but the modifications performed on these cars make them one of the fastest, best handling and most sought after cars Buick had ever built. It was developed by the then Advanced Concepts & Marketing manager, Mike Doble. The car was to be converted by ASC/McLaren. McLaren had been involved with the original Buick/ McLaren V6 racer used at Indy and the 24 valve Wildcat concept car. McLaren had also developed some early prototypes of the intercooled Grand National. The basic concept was to build a car to be a full second quicker than the Grand National and improve it’s handling. Although plans called for engine blueprinting, head porting, special bearings, shot-peened rods, and a high rpm valve train, testing of stock Grand National engines showed that the GNX goal could be met without opening the engine. There were 547 GNXs built and all were 2 door coupes and optioned the same, there were no additions or deletions. To quote the owners manual, “The GNX is a special Grand National with certain modifications to accentuate it’s already outstanding performance.” Basically the body and drivetrain remained common with the turbocharged Regal Grand National with a few exceptions:

* Ceramic turbine wheel turbocharger w/ High Efficiency intercooler to improve boost response

* Recalibrated PROM (Computer Chip) to maximize the advantages of the ceramic turbine

* Functional front fender air exhaust louvers

* Free Flow Dual Exhaust System

* Redesigned rear suspension utilizing a longitudinal torque bar, panhard bar, and differential cover.

* Transmission “NEW” cushion servo, pressure spring, and new shift calibration

* Auxiliary transmission cooler

* 16″ Aluminum Allow Wheels

* Goodyear Eagle VR “Gatorback” performance tires (245/50VR16 Front & 255/VR16 Rear)

* Modified wheel openings and fender flare to accommodate the larger wheels and tires

* Full analog instrumentation gauge cluster

* Unique GNX emblems, badges, and identification


GMP 8003 1987 Buick GNX diecast model car


Buick GNX1987 Buick GNX87 gnx


gmp 87 gnxbuick gnx enginegmp buick gnx engine


buick gnx interior1987 buick gnx interiorgmp 1987 buick gnx interior


buick gnx chassisbuick gnx rear endepitome exclusives sticker label


If you missed the descriptive overview on these 1:18 scale models:  GMP Turbo Buick Series


NEXT car in the series: 1985 Buick Regal T-type (Autumn Maple).
Be SURE to check back tomorrow to see it!


Want to see a list of ALL the Buick Regal diecast cars ever produced? (including GMP & many more). >>> Turbo Regal Scale Cars <<< [/box]


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