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1:18 Scale GMP 8104A&B Drag Grand Nationals

Details about this Model:

Car Name: 1987 Grand National Drag Version

GMP Part Number: 8104A / 8104B

Vehicle Color: 1 yellow, 1 black

Interior Color: black/gray race style

Production Run: 480 / 2298

Release Date: April 2004

Window Sticker Included: no

Envelope For Window Sticker: no

Lithograph Made: yes

Lithograph Production Quantity: 480

Litho Autographed by: n/a

COA Included: yes (for yellow car)

Outer Box: yes (for each)

Part of a Set/Group: yes (2 car drag set)


THIS is the 17th & 18th cars in the series.


THIS post is the overall information about the set (BOTH cars & the litho).
The next 2 posts (following shortly… today) will be each car shown separately.


These 2 cars (the first 300 from Epitome Exclusives Buick 300 club) were issued as a set, including a limited lithograph.


Interestingly enough, the first 300 cars had the Epitome GOLD license plates like all the cars before (from EE’s club). The remaining 180 models had silver license plates! Which, in this case, makes them even RARER than the ones with the Gold plates!
{this was the ONLY time that this had happened!}

The (8104A) yellow car’s front license plate says: VETETR (vette eater)
The (8104B) black car’s front license plate says: STNGKLR (stang killer)
Both cars feature race car interiors & engines (like the #8010 Tweaked car has).


This 11″x14″ numbered lithograph would be the last one ever offered within the Turbo Buick diecast series.


The 2 cars in this set were the last models to have this type of part numbering (like: 8104). Afterwards, they would go to a totally new numbering system (next car starts at: G1800211 {Epitome’s 1986 street/strip GN} and runs this way for 16 more models {until the end of the series – #G1800226} with no missed numbers in between).
{the number change is most likely because GMP’s manufacturing plants in China were switched}


The yellow flamed cars outer box was pretty stark as far as verbage, but it did have outlined black flames over all of it!


The inner boxes have the new GMP logo (stamped in red/silver foil) on them (and a lot of them, in fact! Both sides, both ends, & the top) that started with the last car shown in this series (Tweaked).


The Certicate of Authenticity states that it was issued (JUST) for the yellow 1987 Buick Grand National Drag Version & it comes with ONLY the first 300 cars (the ones with the GOLD license plates).
{whereas there were 480 lithographs created & ALL 480 cars received them}
The COA has a ghost image in the background that says: “1987 Buick Grand National Drag Version”


More specific details on each car will accompany their forthcoming respective posts.


gmp 8104a 8104b


gmp 8104 buick drag versiongmp 8104 buick grand national drag versiongmp 8104a buick grand national drag version


gmp 8104a 1987 buick grand national drag versiongmp 8104b 1987 buick grand nationalgmp 8104b 1987 buick


buick grand national drag versionepitome exclusives certificatebuick grand national lithograph


epitome 1987 buick grand national lithograph


buick racing corvette lithograph1987 buick grand national racing a corvette lithographbuick vette eater lithograph


epitome buick vette eater diecastepitome buick GN corvette eater diecastepitome buick GN stang killer diecast


buick grand national mustang killer


If you missed the descriptive overview on these 1:18 scale models:  GMP Turbo Buick Series


NEXT car in the series: (1st half of the 2 car set listed above) yellow flamed Drag GN.
Be SURE to check back, in about an hour from now, to see it!


Want to check out either of these cars?
yellow GN   black GN


Want to see a list of ALL the diecast cars ever produced? (including GMP & many more). >>> Buick Regal Diecast Cars <<< [/box]


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