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We Want Your Regal Tales! (Buick Stories)



We’d LOVE to share YOUR stories about the Buick Turbo Regals!


There’s 4 NEW categories here on this site made EXCLUSIVELY for this purpose!

~ Auto Experiences (anything that happened with a Gbody!)
~ Car Buying Adventures (successful purchases, or not!)
~ Racing Stories (any of your “kills” etc.!)
~ Turbo Buick Owners (pics & info of your vehicle)

[ These categories are on the top navigation bar, at the far right! “Regal Tales”]


PLEASE SHARE WITH US & OUR READERS! is looking for YOUR stories that we can share on this website with our other readers (your fellow Buick Brothers & Sisters)!


Got an interesting tale to tell?
Topics like buying a turbo regal (or trying to acquire one, whether you were able to or not), adventures at the racetrack or local car shows, other racing stories (“kills” etc.) or any funny or interesting experiences that you’ve had that involves a turbo buick!

We’d also love to show off your Turbo Regal, give us details & pics of your Gbody & we’ll put it in the “Owners” category!

(Positive stories only, please! We don’t want to be involved with the negative, slam this person/business type of stuff!)


These stories NEED to be “original” articles, NOT the same exact stories (words) that you’ve shared elsewhere online!
(meaning don’t just copy and paste the same thing you have submitted elsewhere, give us brand new text about your experience)
They also need to be YOUR story, NOT stuff you found on the internet or heard from friends!


They can be any length article (but the more words the better).
We’d like a minimum of 100 words (but will accept less), and it’s truly awesome if they’re 500 words or more.
(500 words is about 4 or more paragraphs; each paragraph has about 3-4 descriptive sentences).

You write it, we can help edit it if need be.
Pictures are optional (but ALWAYS good if available!).

You’ll get the credit for your story if desired (a byline {“written by”} &/or a link to your website {etc.} if applicable).
[If you don’t specify, we will just print your first name & last name initial]


Just open up a text file (notepad, word, etc.), start writing, then send it to us when you’re done!

(you can also submit your story directly typing onto our contact form if it’s text alone).

(photos included with your story should be sent to us via email, not the contact form, of which our email address can found on the contact page)


Aspiring writers? Get some experience here!
Just want to share a TR tale with other Buick lovers? Cool!


The stories don’t necessarily have to be a true tale; fiction is welcome also!
(but please let us know it’s fake)
Just so long as it relates to the buick regal somehow, its all good!


By submitting your story &/or photos, you AGREE to let us publish it on this website.
You will receive no compensation for your story other than bragging rights and our THANKS (plus the byline, if applicable).

Let us know if you want credit for your story in the form of a “byline.”
(otherwise it may be published without your name, etc., attached to it).
We reserve the right to edit/modify your story if necessary.


Thanks for your help in advance! Now go write something…!



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