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1:18 Scale GMP 8004 1985 Buick Regal T Type

Details about this Model:

Car Name: 1985 Buick Regal T Type

GMP Part Number: 8004

Vehicle Color: dark red metallic (read below)

Interior Color: gray

Production Run: 3312

Release Date: May 2000

Window Sticker Included: yes

Envelope For Window Sticker: yes

Lithograph Made: yes

Lithograph Production Quantity: 300

Litho Autographed by: Ken Duttweiler

COA Included: no

Outer Box: yes

Part of a Set/Group: no


THIS is the 4th car in the series.


People call this color many different shades. Burgundy, Purple, Maroon, etc.
GMP called it Autumn Maple (which is incorrect for a Buick paint code, but see explanation below as to why they did this).
The actual (correct) color (for a 1985 Buick) is Dark Red Metallic.
Now, the window sticker (included with this model) says “74L – Red”, which if you look at the GM paint color chart it lists it as “74 8237 Autumn Maple FM” for code 74 (even though the window sticker says “red” – which it technically is).
However, the actual paint codes used for Buick in 1985, state that the paint color & code is “dark red metallic (79)”.
So obviously this was an error somewhere down the production line. (a proof reader / car fact checker not doing his job!).


The lithograph that came with this model was of Ken Duttweiler and his red Buick Regal.
The lithos came inside a cardboard sleeve, which was blue ink stamped with the EE logo and production number (as was the envelope that the window sticker came in).
The 300 copies produced were hand signed by Ken Duttweiler, using a purple marker!


This was the second (but last) car that had a sticker on the chassis, it stated “ee 1985 T-Type 032” meaning: Epitome Exclusives, T-Type (the model), and 032 (the limited edition car number).
(the other car to have a sticker like this was the Buick GNX, #8003)
{stickers like this were not needed past this issue since the (soon to be standard) numbered license plates would be used on all of the future cars in this series}.
As such, this would also be the last car to receive a license plate with the name/year of the car on it!


This is the first car to receive a white outer box (what would soon become a normal expectation whenever you bought a model car from this series).
“Peachstate Collectibles” would be a brand new term that was implemented & printed on the end side of the box. (and lasted only until issue #8006 – in other words, only used on 3 model boxes) is also printed on the bottom side of these new white boxes (and would stay there until issue #8008).
EE hand wrote on each of these boxes, indicating the car number inside.


gmp buick diecast


gmp 1985 buick diecastgmp buick diecast cargmp buick diecast model


gmp 1985 buick regalgmp 1985 buick regal t-typegmp buick regal t-type


gmp regal t-typegmp 1985 t-type1985 buick t-type


1985 buick regal t-type1985 buick regal t-type model1985 buick regal t-type diecast model


duttweiler lithograph


gmp ken duttweiler lithographepitome exclusives lithograph sleeveepitome exclusives buick lithograph sleeve


The Lithograph says:

Turbo Buick Drag Racing Icon Ken Duttweiler And The Car That Started It All

The 1984/1985 Non-Intercooled Buick Turbo Regal hybrid depicted above was Ken Duttweilers first Turbo Buick racecar. At Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona in January 1985, Duttweiler used it to set the national P-stock automatic class record with a 12.73 second blast at 105 MPH. Unfortunately, the record was overturned the following week when the car was torn down by the NHRA at the Winternationals in Pomona, California. Buick had accidentally sent a 1983 head casting number to the NHRA, making the 1984 casting numbers on Duttweiler’s cylinder heads seem wrong even though they proved to be proper. Since then, Duttweiler has gone on to set numerous drag racing records and his name has become synonymous with Turbo Buick V-6 performance. Duttweiler’s dominance in drag racing over the last 15 years culminated in the fastest Turbo Buick V-6 powered quarter mile pass ever (6.89 seconds at 204.53 MPH), at the “Buicks at Bristol” event in October 1999. Ken Duttweiler has pushed the Buick V-6 far beyond what many skeptics thought was possible and it all started back in 1985 with a Non-Intercooled, Buick Turbo Regal that critics gave little chance of future success………. boy, were they wrong!


gmp buick t-type boxpeachstate collectibles buickgmp buick regal t-type box


gmp 1985 buick regal t-type boxgmp 1985 buick regal t-type model boxgmp 1985 buick regal t-type diecast model box


gmp 1985 buick regal t-type diecast


gmp 1985 t-type diecastepitome exclusives window sticker envelopeGMP Buick mini window sticker


GMP mini window stickerGMP replica mini window sticker


The below shows a letter that Epitome included with this model.
(I would assume this was sent out with ALL the issues of this model, {and possibly even with future issues} as this was EE’s reminder to people who ordered, that they could continue on within the 300 club to receive the same numbered vehicle of the next car being offered).


Epitome Exclusives buick 300 clubEpitome Exclusives logoEpitome Exclusives president Ted Hirsch


If you missed the descriptive overview on these 1:18 scale models:  GMP Turbo Buick Series


NEXT car in the series: 1986 Buick Grand National.
Be SURE to check back tomorrow to see it!


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