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Awesome Buick Turbo Regal Literature Resource!

Here’s an AWESOME resource disc with A TON of Turbo Buick Regal information on it!

Got no room to store hundreds of magazines and books?
Or the time and money to gather all those cool things that you wanted to know, read or check out?
No problem…

Check out all the BUICK Literature and lots and lots more stuff on here:

(and since winter is coming, what a great time to gather more knowledge about whichever model of Buick Regal you have! This will surely keep you busy throughout that season if you live in an area that gets that white stuff on the ground and you aren’t able to drive your car!)


buick literature disc


* 34 magazine ads (the original ones Buick used to promote all the turbo regals).
* 310 magazine articles (ALL of the major automotive publications included).
* 8 OEM buick brochures (sales / dealer / factory).
* 63 other files & images (trading cards, calendars, brochures, misc).
* 2 dozen pdf’s for 1986 body, wiring, etc. (most 1986 info is just like 1987)
* LC2 engine manual
* chassis service manuals
* underhood wiring, sensors, relays diagrams
* 44w catalog
* buick stage 2 racing engine book
* TR data booklet
* sunroof & t-top troubleshooter booklet
* how to hotrod your v6 book
* illustrated parts catalog
* high technology 3.8 engine brochure
* suspension and tuning tips (shocks, coilovers, springs, etc)
* Buick Grand National TV commercial (video)
* The Buick Grand National video (the originals, vol 1 & 2 – almost 2 hours!)
* misc Buick Grand National & GNX videos
* 1981 Regal Pace car info
* 1983 Riviera Pace car info
* & lots more!

WOWEE!! a TON of information!
Almost 4 gigs of data, over 400 files!

You’d never be able to acquire (or even probably put on your bookshelf for that matter) ALL of the stuff you’re getting on this disc!

You want an excellent reference source for Turbo Buick Regal Grand National GNX & T-type information?

and available inexpensively too, so you can have the knowledge you need for these special Gbody vehicles!

it’s a dvd data disc, most files are pdf’s, insert in your computer to view, read or watch them all!

>>> You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this item! <<<

Want a copy?
Just $12 shipped First Class Mail to your door!
($12 in USA; Canada = $14)
*** Please mention when requesting if you live in Canada ***

Request the “Buick Literature Disc” here:
with your paypal address listed in the notes and we will send you an invoice for a copy of this amazing resource!

(we also accept postal money orders, mention that & we’ll tell you where to send it)

[ and yes, you can probably find some of this info online, but why spend the time trying to track down and gather it all when it’s ALL already right here? We’ve done the hard part for you assembling it all for your convenience! Get a copy now and start expanding your knowledge! ]



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