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Buick Grand National NFT Digital Trading Cards

[warning, if you have not ever seen anything about NFT’s, this post may be a lot to take in and absorb, but it’s very cool and interesting to know! Many new terms and details about them are within this article!]

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or ours), since we encompass everything on here, and every aspect about the Buick Turbo Regals, we had to share the info about these as well.

We generally prefer merchandise and items we can actually touch and feel (such as actual physical, real world Buick die cast cars), or things we are able to actually look at (like Buick posters hanging on the wall), but think there might be some diehard Buick guys out there who enjoy having different types of TR related products in their portfolios or collections. Hence us sharing our (minimal) knowledge of NFT items.


NFT? Are you familiar with this term?
It falls in line with cryptocurrency, digital currency, digital collectibles, and the like.

Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are an item that effectively allows a person to claim ownership of a digital file, AKA digital media asset, or digital artwork (whether this artwork is stationary or a moving/motion type image, etc.).

This new-era style of electronic collectible can only be viewed online, it is not a physical item, and you must have a NFT based account to collect these NonFungible Tokens in.

The NFT is stored in your digital collectable wallet found on the Blockchain.
There are numerous “NFT accounts” (think “banks”) available for your use.
Some are free to create, some are not.

[NFT accounts are AKA “digital wallets”]

[OpenSea, as an example, is the world’s first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles]

Your unique crypto assets are stored inside these NFT accounts.

That’s a brief summary about nonfungible tokens, if you’re curious to learn more, google has a wealth of info about them.



Today’s post is about a Buick Grand National NFT.
We initially saw this listed for sale on ebay, the cost is $4.99.
(but note that we did a lot of research about this NFT, and this item can be found much cheaper elsewhere, see the “marketplace” link at the bottom of this post)

[all sellers {“creators”} determine the original price point, and like any other collectible, secondary sellers {resellers} set the {next, new} sales price, which may be higher or lower than the original sales price]

[to note, some sellers have specific “digital wallets” they use for transfer of their merchandise, so you must have their specific digital wallets they use should you wish to buy the item]

This specific Buick Grand National digital file was originally created by the Hot Wheels Garage, and is Series 3. 5000 pieces of this artwork were produced, making them a limited edition.

[but as with any collectible, digital or in physical form, “Limited Edition” doesn’t necessarily mean “rare” or even “high valued”]

There’s lots of info available to NFT’s, and new terms to learn if you want to acquire said items.

[Digital items (“artwork,” etc.) have a “mint date” which equates to the original date that said items were created, or put on sale]

This particular piece, was minted on 07/07/2022.

[NFT’s have a “Contract Address” which refers to the address where the contract is deployed on the blockchain, in other words, which “bank” holds all of the specific NFT’s created]

[NFT’s also have “token ID’s” which identifies the specific NFT {the “1 of” number from the total amount produced}]

[You should know that both the above pieces of info are public knowledge, and need to be disclosed when the sellers sell the item (as well as when buyers buy the item), which makes it easy for buyers to check the legitimacy of the item being sold, to make sure they are actually available to purchase]

[You should also know, once NFT’s are sold & transferred to you, the NFT sale is recorded on the blockchain. This keeps track of all NFT’s, and all of the buyers and sellers]

[when you see the words “Blockchain,” that tells you which “bank” the NFT’s are stored at. This Buick NFT we are showing you today, is located in the “WAX” blockchain. The Wax Digital marketplace can be found at this web address: – the “.io” is the url, and works just like “.com” does, just with different letters]

All digital artwork pieces have “Edition Numbers” on them, which identify the piece number.
[this is similar to a physical item being stamped with the number of the specific piece in the total number of pieces created – such as “#2037 of 5000” – however, the listings for NFT’s usually just state “Edition Number: 2037” without specifying the total number of pieces produced, although that number is usually included somewhere in the total description of the item being sold]

Also listed within the specs of the piece being sold, is the “Creator” – meaning the original company or person who actually produced (and first sold) the item in question.
For the Buick Grand National digital artwork, it is: Hot Wheels.
(of course, because Hot Wheels is probably the #1 producer of Buick Grand National cars)

[ if you’d like to see the entire Hot Wheels Digital catalog, go here: ]
[and while you’re there, check out how the backgrounds on these NFT’s “move”]

[ see all of the specific “Buick” items available here, search for “buick” on that site, and you can check them all out: ]

NFT’s can be literally based on anything (any style/design/theme), any subject matter, any type of artwork.
This Buick Grand National piece is identified as a “Non-Sport Trading Card NFT.” (since there are “Sport Trading Card NFT” pieces as well, to mention just 1 category of the numerous available)

For the photos below, this is the “1 of 5000 pieces” produced.
It’s from the “Street Power” collection.
(the card says: year: 2007. It’s not the year of the car, nor the year they made this NFT. We’re thinking it’s because it is the first year that they started producing the real-world diecast cars of the Hot Wheels Buick Grand National)

Just FYI, there also was a “4000 made” version done.
(basically the same item / same basic design, with a slight color change on the card, with a different quantity created of them)
(we show you a pic of the “1 of 4000 pieces” produced version below, too)

[ see details here for the 1 of 4000 kind: ]

The 5000 version of this NFT, details can be found here:

Want to check out the (digital-only) marketplace for these NFT Buick Grand National pieces?
See more at the website below!
(copy and paste the link if it isn’t automatically linked)


More info about WAX (WAX is the place where these HW Buick GN digital artwork pieces are being released from):

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is where one can create, sell, buy & trade virtual items to anyone/anywhere in the world. Digital collectibles include items such as trading cards, memorabilia, art, stickers, etc. Any digital or digitized item can be traded on WAX. A WAX wallet is the safest and most convenient way for an individual to perform these transactions.

WAX is built on blockchain technology. What that means is that all trades are absolutely secure and anyone in the world can instantly track the items transaction status and history. Trading with anyone in the world via the blockchain is safe and effortless because there is no need to ever prove an items authenticity. The WAX blockchain produces a tamper-proof digital record of an items chain of ownership, so you will never have to worry about receiving a fake or counterfeit item.


Hopefully, we have educated you somewhat on this new type of Buick collectible!


Here’s some static pics of this Buick Grand National NFT digital artwork:


this is the 1 of 4000 made version


this is the 1 of 5000 made version


this is the main advertising card for the HW NFT Garage Series 3 artwork pieces
the Hot Wheels NFT Garage


this shows you the levels of cards and rarities of them


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