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Dream AI Buick Grand National Images

Here’s our second experiment for image generation using an AI robot to create something cool with a Buick Grand National.

Their tagline:
The Artwork of the Future. Enter a prompt, pick an art style and WOMBO Dream turns your idea into an AI-powered painting in seconds.

This tool is from the website:
No signup needed, but it does have a few popups urging you to do so.
We didn’t.

The images generated here come out in portrait mode.
All of them were finished in less than a minute after pressing “create.”


The terms (prompt) this time:
“Buick Grand National on a mountain top”

This tool lets you choose an “art style” that your suggestion be transformed into.

We chose “dreamland v2” to begin with.

HAH! When it spit the image out, we literally LOL’d!
Take a look at the black car.
A very similar car to the one that was generated yesterday!

(from a totally different tool. could be of course, that they are using the same processing engine to render images. which means they think alike!)

[see: fantasy Buick GN for a comparison of the car]

This tool got the “mountain top” pretty close, but of course the vehicle, not so much.


[to download the created images when using this ai site, on the bottom left side on the thumbnail pic, click the download button. it will send it to your “downloads” folder on your computer]

[clicking the “finalize” button doesn’t seem to do anything additional from the previous download button, so need to even bother doing that]


Next prompt:

“Buick Grand National in a junkyard”

art style: horror v3″

Result: interesting.

Contains a junk yard environment.

The car: looks like a Malibu towards the rear of the car.

In the front:
Regal-ish bumper, lights, and grille area.


Third try:
Simply the words “Buick Grand National”
art style: “Dark Fantasy v3”

First submission resulted in an “error” of some type.
Second submission, same thing.
Third times a charm!

(perhaps the server was busy and couldn’t respond on the first couple tries. you really can’t complain too much when you’re using “free tools”)

But, aha! The Gbody Regal is getting closer (somewhat) to what the car actually looks like. At least on the front end of the vehicle.
Albeit, it has a wild hood scoop on it, and the rear section looks more like a late 1970s early 1980s Regal style.

We’re starting to think that image generation might be better with using only “Buick Grand National” plus done in whatever styles they offer.
(as opposed to trying to force additional terms like “mountain top” in the prompts)

[that suggestion is for these “lower end” type ai robots. some of the other ones we’re going to examine in the future, are more “high end” versions, and you’ll need to set up accounts, hence, better presentation and more accurate images]


4th time:

same keywords “Buick Grand National”

using the art style of “Monster V3”

Well, look at this one!

Getting closer to what a Buick Grand National is.
Minus the quarter window design.

The entire front end is the best shown so far.
But the hood scoop is still there (and wrong).

A pretty neat overall image, however.


Do we press our luck and give this ai tool one last try?

Why sure we do!

art style of “Realistic”

Uh, ok, the view may be (kind of) realistic,

but the Buick, well…

not so “Realistic” at all.

Definitely the worst one today.

Not even close.


“Anime” anyone?
Nope, what it spit out resembles the above white car,
just as bad,
and even worse composition of the overall image layout.


Last hope.
we chose “Ink v3”

We’re leaving you with this one.

That bottom view of the 3 cars is really close to success!

(but sort of looks like a Buick LeSabre front end too)

[and this entire pic is reminiscent of the prototype pic for the Buick GN that was done many many years ago]


To be fair, we want to show at least 1 other type (non buick gn) image that this specific tool can do.

We selected a preset button “sunset cliffs”

and created with the
art style.

A nice and wild, vibrant output.


Go mess around with this one if you want to have some fun, or have a project that needs these style of images.

NOTE: you can download this app on your phone (or use it on a computer like we did).
Members artwork IS displayed on this site, BUT, if you DON’T sign up, whatever images you create will be shown only to you (and not be posted on their site).

[collaboration and sharing of art designs is big here for their community, and members gladly share their artwork with the world, via this website]

[we think signing up is free, just enter your email address]


The Basic Info YOU NEED to know for ALL of these “AI” sites/apps/programs:
some of these “free accounts” may post your creations on their sites, as examples of whats being done by other users on their platform.

MEANING: if what ever you are creating needs to remain “private” – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – (as in a piece of work you intend on selling) – you will probably need to have a paid account to keep your creations secure from prying eyes!
(otherwise anyone who sees it can take it and copy it, or use it directly as their own!)

You should also read the TOS to see if what you’re making has limitations as far as where and how you can use your newly made item. Such as “commercial use” and whatnot.


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