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You Know You Drive A Buick Turbo Regal When:


buick turbo regal ownerThese should put a smile on your face, or at least make you chuckle!

Thought I’d share these with you…

A big Thanks to the great members of who contributed all these!

You Know You Drive A Buick Turbo Regal When:


> you start the engine and a smile cannot be held back

> there is constantly an oil spot under it no matter how good of gaskets or how much silicone you use

> your clocked doing a burn-out at 60 mph

> that mustang racing next to you suddenly appears in your rear view mirror

> people tell you they upgraded to a 9 PSI pulley and you wonder why anybody would ‘only’ run 9 PSI

> every time you let off the gas you push the recall button

> no one wants to race you anymore

> you let off the gas pedal and people think your car broke when they hear the horse sneeze!

> there are some sort of Buick parts in the garage, basement and bedroom

> your kill to loss ratio is over 200 to 1

> the car spends more time with the hood open than closed

> you spend more time fixing it than driving it

> you are constantly telling people “it’s not a Monte Carlo”

> you’re asked if that’s “the one with the twin turbo”

> you refer to other muscles cars as “Junk”

> you stay stuck on trying to figure out why you have knock

> you can’t put gas in the thing without at least one person walking over and having a conversation about it

> when the cops pull you over and don’t know what kind of car it is (no it’s not a monte carlo, officer)

> you try to get the UPS delivery before your wife does, so she doesn’t see what you bought

> when every goober at the local car show has to tell you about how cousin Cletus had one just like it “back in the day”, but his had a three-fiddy with a four-barrow & glasspacks

> your trunk is full of spare parts… just in case

> because if it ‘aint leaking oil you better put some in it’

> you tell them “its just a v6…. how can you lose?”

> you have a collection of spare & NOS parts worth more than your car

> your girlfriend / wife tells you that she hates your car

> people mention METH and the drug isn’t the first thing that comes to mind

> when you tell people “I have two books at my bedside, sir, the GN Facts and Figures Book and the King James Bible. The only proper authorities I am aware of are Stephen Dove, Dennis Kirban and the Lord our God.”

> account balance: $0.00

> people ask you why you like driving your grandmas car around town

> when you think meth (alky) dealers are good people

> Its still referred to as a late model even though its 25+yrs old

> When people only recognize the back of your car!

> You actually try to get caught at a red light, so you can be the first to leave it…
& then hope a motorcycle comes up between the cars so you’ll have something fair to race!

> when you’re always asked… you wanna sell it?

> When you’re always asked if thats a monte or a cutlass

> when you drive around with a helmet in your car


Hope you enjoyed these.

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