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You Know You Drive A Turbo Regal When…


turbo regal ownerThese should put a smile on your face, or at least make you chuckle!

Thought I’d share these with you…

A big Thanks to the great members of who contributed all these!

You Know You Drive A Turbo Regal When…


* when its the only fast car you own that doesn’t get pulled over every time you take it out

* the mechanic inspecting it sees the dump pipe, shakes his head, and slaps the sticker on it anyway

* you keep telling your wife “its going to be a collector car one day worth twice as much”

* wind is blowing around your hair yet all the windows are in the up position

* your neighbor compares the black paint to that of an orange

* you live In constant fear the brake light will flicker on and you need to stop quickly

* its current value outshines all the other US production cars produced in 1986-1987

* you still get that chirp from lst to 2nd gear with hardly any effort

* race prepping your car means turning off the a/c

* you have a “Big is Beautiful” license plate holder

* you have safety harnesses instead of seat belts for five occupants

* you only have to be careful of traffic AHEAD of you when you merge onto the Interstate

* your race car has never been on a trailer

* you think anything less than a 455 is a small block

* you won’t race motorcycles because it isn’t fair… to them!

* you’ve ever had to take a different route because of bridge weight limits

* you plan road trips from gas station to gas station

* your wife’s car runs 12s

* You painted your riding lawnmower black and turbocharged it

* You think 5000 pound cars and station wagons are great drag strip material

* The wrecker service calls you when they get their rigs stuck

* You have heard the phrase “That’s a Buick!?” from more than 5 punk kids in Daddy’s ‘Vette after you shut them down

* You have sucked so many bumpers off other cars, your car is nicknamed “The Hoover”

* 18 wheelers yield to you

* You can fit a month of groceries in your trunk and still run 12s

* You’ve ever been pulled over for failing to stop at a weigh station

* Your car has more towing capacity than a one ton dually

* You think every race car should have a/c and power windows

* You get signed thank you cards from the presidents of Phillips 66 and Texaco at Christmas

* You think every four door should have a cam, headers and slicks and runs 12s

* The phrase “231? Is that all?” and “That ain’t no V6!” make the hair on the back of your neck stand up

* You’ve said “No, it’s not an SS” more than 3 times this week

* You’ve never seen the tail lights of a Mustang GT

* Your friend’s 5.0 ‘Stang runs 13s by being towed behind your car

* The local Mustang guys are claiming they’ve been abused because your car spanks them so bad

* You’ve raced your daily driver against a tube frame, blown, nitroused big block powered ‘Stang . . . and won.


Hope you enjoyed these.

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