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Eastland Center Neighborhood Superstars Car Show May 2021

With the restrictions from the pandemic lightening up, and the weather being great, not to mention car buffs wanting to get out and go do stuff, there was a huge turnout in Harper Woods, Michigan for the Memorial Day Showdown put on by Neighborhood Superstars on Saturday May 29, 2021 at the Eastland Center Mall.

The show started at 12 and an assortment of automobiles slowly filled the spots up for the first few hours.
When 5PM rolled around however, it was jam packed in there!
And they were still coming in!
Well over 350 cars were on display, probably more.

As usual in the last few years, there were lots of newer Mopars in attendance.
Most all weren’t “just new cars” however.
Big time graphics, paint changing colors, big wheels and chrome accents adorned the Challenger and Charger Dodges.

Many motorcycles and jazzed up trucks and SUV’s made the show.
Food trucks and vendors lined the edges of the NW parking lot.

There was a satisfying amount of G-body vehicles (Regal’s, Cutlass’s, Monte SS’s, Malibu’s) along with several older nice Buick models on display (and there’s always suppose to be, after all, that’s WHY I attend the shows in the first place!).

As a side note, I’ve never seen so many Rucci rims in my life, not even when I went to the wheel shop!
(and they say the economy is bad & people don’t have any money, lol!)

In the old Target parking lot (near the car show), the Sunday Funday drifters gathered (even though it’s Saturday).
LOTS of participants for this, and 5 times as many spectators!
This side of the arena had twice as many people congregating than the auto show did.
Plenty of sliding, burnouts, etc., going on for a couple hours…
Until of course the Harper Woods PoPo showed up in force…
6 or 7 cop cars directed traffic out of Eastland Mall, and people scattered when they heard the sirens.
I was surprised they let this type of event occur here in the first place.
To be fair, it was around 8PM when they showed up, and that WAS the scheduled ending time for this event (so that mostly explains why they showed up at all).

The crowd loved the action while it lasted.
One particular participant I’m sure left unhappy when he blew the engine on his vehicle.

Something for everyone here. Nice show.
This was a gratifying event for the first car show of the year we are covering on this website.
If the season continues like this, it will indeed be a great car season!



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