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MI: 2014 Downriver Cruise Pics

Saturday June 28, 2014.
The annual Downriver cruise thru Lincoln Park, Southgate & Riverview Michigan along Fort Street proceeded as usual.
At least 16 turbo buicks (that I was able to count, at any rate) made their presence, including Tim Szabo’s 8 second TSO car! (on the street no less, in the Kmart parking lot).


The downriver area is populated with a bunch of G-body cars, mostly of the Monte Carlo SS variety (with a few aerocoupes thrown in the mix), as I noticed at least twice as many SS’s as GN’s… but it’s all good.
Cutlass, Hurst Olds & 442’s and a few Grand Prix’s attended as well.


This cruise event didn’t feature a separated paid cruise lane, nor blocked off turn arounds as was seen at the Eastpointe Gratiot Cruise (hint, hint, Eastpointe…) and the traffic flowed pretty well too, with 2 specified (but not sectioned off) cruise lanes for hot rods & muscle cars of all types.
Things seemed to go off pretty well all day (except for the motorcycle that rear ended a 1979 Z28 when we first arrived! oops! Honestly, Mr. motorcycle driver, that cute tall blond that you were staring at instead of paying attention to the road ahead isn’t going to be worth it in 3..2..1…).


Didn’t attend? There’s always next year.
(and maybe, if you ask nicely, Mr. Szabo will let you take his car out for a spin down Fort street… but then again, perhaps not…)
Enjoy the pics!


buick grand national monte carlo ss 1985 monte carlo ss 1986 buick gand national turbo trans am 1987 buick grand national


LOL license plate frame

check out the license plate frame

1987 buick grand national race car


1984 hurst olds 1984 hurst olds cutlass 1984 hurst olds interior 1984 hurst olds engine


87 grand national plaque

look at this neat plaque!

87 grand national plate


buick gsx oldsmobile cutlass monte ss chevy monte ss buick grand national at car show buick grand national at car cruise pontiac grand prix monte carlo ss aerocoupe t-top monte carlo olds cutty buick gn chevrolet monte carlo ss orange cutlass buick in parking lot parked buick grand national 1980 buick regal parked monte ss monte ss aerocoupe silver monte carlo ss 1986 buick regal grand national buick turbo t 1987 monte carlo ss


1986 monte carlo ss

monte ss license plate

why hate me?


turbo buick race car big block turbo buick turbo regal race car turbo regal race car interior monte ss race car monte carlo ss for sale 1983 hurst olds cutlass g-body hydraulic oldsmobile cutlass hydraulic olds cutlass 1987 t-top monte carlo ss


Tim Szabo’s 8 second Buick TSO drag race car!


buick TSO car buick TSO drag race car big meats on buick buick drag car buick TSO motor tim szabo buick tso car tim szabo buick tso car interior



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