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Vintage Buick Dealer Sales Training Vinyl Records

Your Buick history lesson for today.

Way back before the current computer & online streaming tutorials for Buick Car Dealerships, there have been many forms for distribution of the corporate sales training methods.

As the times changed, and years went by, the Buick Motor Division kept up with technology and shipped their auto dealers the most current versions of learning tools.

Let’s jump backwards in time, to the late 1950’s, and check out these 33 1/3 vinyl records!
Vinyl records are making a comeback as of late, but around 1956-1957, other than printed publications, they were the only method of vocal transmissions to the automotive dealers and sales personnel.

These were made for the Buick Dealer Organization Training Program.

The vinyls were produced in standard black color versions, as well as red vinyl.
Some of the presentations also included 8mm filmstrips on various topics (matching the vinyl records they came with).
[it’s unclear whether these films had sound or not, perhaps they were silent films, and the records were to be played to give the film some sound and content to them so the sales people could be more informed on what they were to be learning or trained about]

Some of these records had 2 sides to listen to, some only 1.
The back sides were blank (no label) if there were nothing on them.

Here’s a few sample titles from the oral teachings supplied to Buick Dealerships.

Buick Dealer Sales Training Record & Filmstrips:

Noted as a sales “gem” (printed on the label):

A question of sales.

Confidence Man.
(Let’s talk about selling yourself, your personal sales procedure)

Save our sales (“SOS”).

No Dough In “No”

The Strange Cases of messrs x and y.

Buick buccaneers record:
(side 1: Prospect privateers, the prize route, clear channel to a good close)
(side 2: Bottle up competition, styled for smooth sailing, the used car catch)

Action – used cars.

Plan For Profits (how to sell accessories).

Follow that procedure plan.

We saw a bunch of these for sale on ebay, for about $30 shipped for 1 record & film, and thought these were pretty neat not having ever seen them before. Hope you find them interesting as well!



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