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You Know You Drive A Buick Grand National When…


buick grand national ownerThese should put a smile on your face, or at least make you chuckle!

Thought I’d share these with you…

A big Thanks to the great members of who contributed all these!

You Know You Drive A Buick Grand National When:


~ someone says BBW so you smile and images of your car pass through your day dream

~ you lost to a mustang once, but it was driven by John Force

~ women children and dogs run at the sight of your garage door opening

~ the presidential science team is still investigating the hole in the ozone your turbo created

~ the neighbors come knocking on your door first when their trash can disappears

~ 10w-30 synthetic is a consumable you top off every 300 miles or 6 hours of run time

~ you spend more money on fuel, tires and turbos than most people spend on their house

~ Mobil oil, Shell Chemical and Goodyear send you Christmas cards every year

~ your wife has never been jealous of another woman

~ you buy 2 weeks worth of groceries before going to the track to get better traction

~ big block Chevy’s expect you to spot them 3 car lengths

~ you experience the ole’ seat of your pants test every time you mash the gas

~ you step outside on a cool crisp fall morning & your first though is how good the cars gonna run today

~ the guy at the gas station asks why your monte carlo has V6 emblems and that funny hood bulge on it

~ the guy at the strip want’s to know why your monte has that weird looking thing attached to the little engine

~ your car & your wallet are broke

~ your lightly modded car, gets thrown out of the track for going too fast

~ when the state police say this one is on me because they like your car

~ when people ask why there is a Jiffy Lube sign under the hood

~ you see a brick and it reminds you of your car

~ your wife says ” A regal, my grandpa had a Regal. So glad you spent all this money on a grandpa mobile”

~ your buddy says to his girlfriend “YOU GOTTA GO FOR A RIDE IN THAT THING”!!!! Then she does… “And Cries”

~ when the police give you the thumbs up

~ when you make sure you never leave home without your AAA card

~ you have or have had more than one at any given time.

~ when you and the 2 local TR guys can build a car from the spare parts your collecting in case you need them

~ When you are riding in your car with one of your buddies… and after you mash on it for a few seconds… and let off… you are both giggling like school kids laughing at a fart someone cut in high school English class

~ you can pass a gas station but not a weigh station

~ you take weight out of your car to pass tech

~ your car consumes more alcohol than you do

~ when you hear “squeaking sounds” coming from the dashboard

~ you spend more time on than in your Turbo Buick

~ when you keep a track quality tire gauge on floor behind the driver seat

~ you have a spare 2004r built waiting

~ after doing a burnout you can no longer see your passenger!

~ someone tells you that you should put a V-8 in it, and you answer them with “Why would I want to go slower?”


Hope you enjoyed these.

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