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AI SuperMeme Maker! About Them Buick Grand Nationals (Part 1)

It’s fun time!
Memes are usually pretty funny, and break up the monotony, especially if you’re scrolling on any of the social media sites.
Now you can make some of your own!

We found this site, called:
which is suppose to be better than the average meme-maker type site.

They say it uses AI to actually create new memes, unlike the majority of meme makers that are online, which only re-edit existing templates of things already done.

Their site makes original “text to meme” – “GIF memes” – “Multilingual memes” – and more.

[text to meme = enter a phrase & it will find something similar; receive jpeg results]
[GIF memes = your phrase or similar shown + animated photos or short vid clip]
[themed memes = search a template for a specific background theme]
[search = enter an emotion & it gives you the right background template]
[meme maker = you upload a photo + text; receive jpeg result]

You do need to log in through an email address (register) to get access to the AI meme maker.

Well ok!
Sounds interesting enough.
Let’s put it to the test!

And of course, since we’re all about everything Buick Turbo Regal related, we had to spend about 20 minutes thinking up appropriate sayings concerning that area.

(which isn’t as easy as it sounds! YOU try doing it!)

They give you 20 credits, which they say equals 160 AI memes, so that’s plenty for most people, but you can buy more if needed, they have a couple plans.

[but note when we actually made the memes, you could only do it 20 times. however, each of the 20 ideas we submitted netted us multiple usable memes each]
[meaning: each time you submit an idea (“text”), it takes 1 credit. but for that 1 credit you get 8-15 different selections (outputted to you) to choose from. grab 1 or all of those for 1 credit]

[note that the memes are watermarked on free plans, but for the majority of regular users, who cares? Businesses may not want that, but for individuals it’s fine]

Here’s 20 Buick related ideas that we came up with, because this specific site gives you 20 free credits, might as well get the most out of it!

[we’re not sure we’ll be creating any more in the future]

We used a variety of the 4 options for creating memes that they offered.
The “text to meme” option is definitely the easiest, especially if you don’t want to have to edit anything, or go thru tons of background template choices. You just want to basically grab & go? This is the one to use.

We’re excited to see what it would come up with. Wonder how accurate or appropriate they are? Look below!

Just FYI, not sure it’s like this on paid plans, but on a free account, when you type your “suggestion” (“text phrases” – like we have below), most of the time it doesn’t actually give you the exact “words” you typed in. You will receive “similar” memes based on your suggestion.

In our opinion, none of these are truly great as supplied, but a lot of them are useful as-is.

(however, every single one is alterable in some way, so if you spend some time modifying them, they could turn out pretty nice, like some of the examples below)

We’ve shown you the best memes produced for each one on our list of 20 ideas.



1. When people call my Buick Grand National by a different car name

(we used “text to meme” – for an image)

(it gave 8 choices: 3 about GN’s, 3 about other cars, 2 generic phrases that mostly didn’t apply for our needs)

[the “text to meme” doesn’t give you your exact phrase, but something relatable]



2. Yes, Buick Grand Nationals only came in black

(we used “text to meme” – for an GIF)

[note that these are all animated GIF’s, and on some web browsers, they aren’t animated, so try clicking on them to blow them up, that seems to make them work]

(it gave 15 choices: all of them stated our entered text on the top (or something comparably ok to mean the same thing we wanted). Some memes had totally different words going on within the shown image [a clip from something else that doesn’t apply to our “text,” it was distracting, and isn’t appropriate for our subject matter]. Others had animations/images that didn’t even make sense for our given phrase.)

The good ones are below.



3. Colors other than black are not a Buick Grand National!

(we used “text to meme” – for an GIF… again)

(we purposely used the same format again, just to see if it would spit out the same exact ones as above with just the new entered words changed, or if it would give us all new background material)

(and ok, it DID give all new choices as far as the photos went, the caption at the top on some of them WAS the same as presented from #2 above. But we feel that’s ok considering that the gif images were different)

(it gave 15 choices again: 3 were so-so, 4 of the shown images really weren’t good for this subject matter, 8 we thought are decent enough to use)

(so far this is the best one, probably because they use “emotions” to go along with the phrase we chose, and overall, it conveys much better than the above ones)



4. My Dad’s Buick is quicker than your Dad’s car

(we used “text to meme” – for an image [like we did on #1 above])

(it gave 8 choices: but only 2 had the word “Buick” in it. all the rest were ok content wise, using “dad” and some form of “fast car” verbiage, which would be ok for “general” use, by perhaps say a car club or similar where it’s not branded by 1 specific car model or company)

[note that all of these memes have editable text, so you could modify them to suit your needs. We chose to just use all of these as-is to see just how accurate the AI would meet our needs for the minimum effort involved in producing them]



5. My Mom’s Buick is quicker than your Mom’s car

[alternate text used, because of the template we selected: “My Mom’s Car is quicker than your Mom’s car” – “no it isn’t, my mom drives a buick grand national!”]

(we used “meme maker”)

(2 steps: upload or choose a template, enter your text)

(we typed in “mom” first, and didn’t see anything we liked. “Mother” was next, it gave mostly the same choices. Next was “children.” It doesn’t seem to like descriptions like that and prefers moods or emotions. “angry” brought up a bunch, including one I’m sure you must have seen before if you’re on ANY of the assorted social media sites. It’s been used a gazillion times, but mostly fits for what we need it for this meme, so we chose it)

(after getting template, we inputted “qwerty” as the topic, knowing we were going to delete those words later)

(then new hit “generate” – where the text editing can begin)

(text entered, font changed, resized, moved. then meme downloaded)



6. Buick Grand National engine swaps are OK

(we used “themed memes”)

(it’s a 3 step process: enter keywords, choose a template [your own or theirs], generate meme)

[note, if you opt to pick from their templates, you’ll be asked to pick an emotion for your new meme, which works well for the #6 idea we want. we choose “happy”]

(some of the template options then given, were not really “happy,” but most could fit into that category. some were the backgrounds you’ve probably seen on lots of other memes, but most were new to us)

(since you can only pick out 1 template, all of the memes supplied have the same background as you chose)

(it gave 3 choices: NONE just “only” printed our entered phrase, but all were mostly close enough to convey what we wanted to say)

(note, you can edit the supplied text. on the last meme shown we removed a few words from it and balanced the top/bottom word count. IF you don’t like the extra words that are put in their automatically, you can always edit the entire text and put in the exact phrase you wanted in the beginning – like we did on the 4th pic)

(the given text font, as well as size, is changeable. you can even add more lines if needed, see the 5th meme below)

(using this editor, you could make unlimited versions, with it still only costing the initial 1 credit)

[by using this option on their site: “themed memes” – would be the right version to do if you don’t really need something specific (like we’re trying to do here), and you are searching for a bunch of memes in just ONE specific category, like crypto, startup business, etc., it will supply a lot of generic memes to give you some content for your social media sites (or wherever)]



7. It’s not a Buick Grand National without the V6 engine

(we used “meme maker” – then chose a template. we tried a search for “automobile” and they had 5 or 6, but none that would really work well for the Buick theme, so we picked this one, which is well used out there, but appropriately looking with this text included on it)

[you can change the text colors on any of these to whatever you desire]



8. NO, you can’t drive my Buick Grand National

(using “meme maker” again, template choice, as we’re looking for something scary, which we found!)

(we made the font color blue to blend with the background colors in the image, but added a white highlight around the letters to make it stand out and more readable)



9. Winter Sucks, I’d Rather be Driving my Buick Grand National

(back to using “text to meme” – for an image)

(hoping it will actually give us something “winter” related)

(8 choices is what it gives on this setting: 4 that say “Buick Grand National,” 1 with a winter background theme, 3 that have text about the winter but images not related. We kept the 4 which are below)

(the first and second meme below was saved as is, not really a winter theme, but it sort of works for this)

(the third and fourth images shown needed the text moved around to fit better. The verbage was kept as is though, so you can see what kind of language is supplied. Most of it is good on supplied images, some is not. Minor editing can fix anything. These spit out weren’t bad)



10. Work Sucks, I’d Rather be Cruising my Buick Grand National

(similar text to #9 above, with a couple words changed)

(“text to meme” – for an image… again, since the above produced a few ok examples)

(8 memes outputted: 4 that say “Buick Grand National,” 3 about not working, 1 about buying a new car)

(the first 2 memes downloaded as is from the site, the last 2 we added in the footer note about THIS website!)



Since we are creating 20 new types of memes, and we’re showing you a few within each of the 20, means this is getting to be too long of a post if we keep going! (assuming you’re still reading?)

We hope you enjoyed the first set of 10 so far.
They may give you some of your own ideas to use/make.

(even if it’s not Turbo Regal related, these examples should show you the power, or lack thereof if that’s the case, of what AI can do. Not to mention the small tweaks that you can do yourself to make them even better)

Come back tomorrow to see the other 10 from our list of 20!

[do you like any of these memes you’ve seen? go ahead, steal them & post anywhere you like, we don’t mind!]


As always, The Basic Info YOU NEED to know for ALL of these “AI” sites/apps/programs: will be posted in tomorrow’s continuation of this post.
[or can be read from any previous post in this category: (“AI stuff“)]

[as far as we know, anything you make on this site will only be seen by you]


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