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Light Weight Parts & Savings: Minimizing The Heft on Your Turbo Regal

Drag racers (& savy street racers) know a lot of the tricks that can be done to get some of the heft off of these heavy G-body Regals.

Less vehicle weight = the faster your car goes, simple as that.

Someone sent me this list a long time ago, and I don’t know who made it or where it came from, but an awesome job & big thanks goes out to them!

Just check out how all of these small changes can add up to a big weight loss on your Buick Regal!

(this list is a bit dated, and some newer similar parts may be even lighter, or perhaps a bit heavier, but this list gives you an idea of the parts that can be swapped out to gain an advantage on taking the weight off your Turbo Buick)


Weight savings:

front bumper:
steel reinforcement= 64.5
aluminum reinforcement = 45.8
savings = 18.7 lbs

Bumper Export Braces:
(export brace replaces inner bumper support)
Chrome steel bumper with small steel export brace, no lights installed = 33.5 LBS
Front steel chrome bumper with only the export brace attachments, minus the center piece, no bumperettes, but does have the full length black strip = 26.5 LBS

rear bumper:
steel reinforcement= 69.5
aluminum reinforcement= 45.8
savings = 23.7 lbs

rear brake drums:
steel = 12.5 lbs each
aluminum = 8.0 lbs each
total savings =9 lbs

front sway bar:
stock solid = 30 lbs
f-body hollow = 14.5 lbs
savings = 15.5 lbs

front rotors:
stock = 17.5 lbs
aftermarket (SSBC) = @ 9.5 lbs
total savings = 17 lbs

front calipers:
stock = 6.75 lbs each
aftermarket (SSBC) = @ 3.25 lbs each
total savings = 7 lbs

aluminum radiator support:
steel = 24
aluminum = 12
savings = 12 lbs

door crash bars:
savings = 38 lbs

sound deadening material underneath and behind rear seat:
savings = 10 lbs

stock steel 87 GN rims= 29 lbs each
aluminum = @19 lbs each
Centerline Auto Drags
15×10= 19lbs
15×8= 17lbs
total savings = 40 lbs

Spare tire:
35 lbs

15 lbs

ASC sunroof = 65lbs
newport pop-up sunroof = 30lbs
savings = 35lbs

flowmaster muffler = 10lbs each
catalytic converter = 5lbs
no cat = 0lbs
no mufflers = 0lbs
total savings = 25lbs

stock = 18.5 lbs
mini = 8.5 lbs
savings = 10 lbs

stock = 55 lbs
fiberglass = 28 lbs
savings = 27 lbs

stock = 60 lbs
fiberglass = 23 lbs
savings = 37 lbs

stock = 9.5lbs each
aftermarket tubular (UB Machine) = 4.5 lbs ea
total savings = 10 lbs

Torque converter
stock D5 = 48lbs
billet 9/11 stall converter = 37lbs
savings = 11lbs

12″ subwoofer = @ 6lbs each
5 channel amplifier = @ 15lbs
6″ speaker = @ 4.5lbs each

AC Compressor: 14 1/2 lbs
Core: 6 lbs
Lines: 3 1/2 lbs
Condenser Can: 1 lb
25 lbs total weight loss.

RJC pulleys:
Pulley Weights (All of our pulleys are 100% stock dia.)

Factory Stock Crank Pulley with intercooler fan; 8+lbs.
Factory Stock Crank Pulley no intercooler fan; 6 lbs. 2 oz.
RJC Billet Aluminum Stock Style Crank Pulley no fan. 1 lb. 10 oz.
RJC Billet Aluminum Race Style Crank Pulley Razor 1 lb. 1 oz.
RJC Billet Alum. Race Style Crank Pulley Undersize 15oz.

Factory Stock Steel Water Pump Pulley 1 lb. 8 oz.
Competitors Billet Aluminum Water Pump Pulley 8 oz.
RJC Billet Aluminum Water Pump Pulley “Razor Style” 7oz.

Factory Stock Steel Power Steering Pump Pulley 1 lb. .
RJC Billet Alum. Power Steering Pulley “Razor Style” 7oz.

Factory Stock Steel Idler Pulley 10 oz.
RJC Billet Aluminum Pulley “Razor Style” with bearing 4oz.

Factory Stock Steel Alternator Pulley 7 oz.
Competitors Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley 3 oz.
RJC Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley “Razor Style” 2.3oz.

By going to RJC Billet Aluminum Pulleys you can lose over 9 Lbs. of reciprocating weight.
This is equivalent to removing 95 lbs. of non reciprocating weight (claim made by RJC)


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