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You Know You Drive A Turbo Buick When…


turbo buick ownerThese should put a smile on your face, or at least make you chuckle!

Thought I’d share these with you…

A big Thanks to the great members of who contributed all these!

You Know You Drive A Turbo Buick When…


– even the “fast” cars avoid you on the street

– you’re more concerned about the car’s insurance than your own

– your primary concern while shopping for real estate is garage space

– you still dread having to remove any of the turbo, intercooler or throttle body hoses because you finally got them on there just right

– you think that manual windows are probably faster than power ones

– your buddy at the track says: “I see you’ve joined the thousand dollar a week club”

– when driving a turbo regal or Buick T type people ask if that’s a fake grand national

– when you pull up to a red light at a busy intersection along side a van load of police officers, have a 15 minute talk to one officer who owns one, and nobody behind you honks the horn

– when you hit 2nd gear and your rear end wants to be the front

– your running low 11’s with all the stock parts

– you know exactly what to do when your brakes go out, because you’ve had practice

– the parts stores stock every brake booster and master cylinder for all cars back to 1960, but when you ask about a part for your powermaster they look at you like your trying to get plutonium to run your flux capacitor

– you typically run more air pressure in your intake manifold, then you do in your back tires

– you can pull the engine out of your car blindfolded

– when your Turbo Buick sits in the garage and your brand new shiny car sits in the driveway

– when you have the local tow truck company on speed dial ‘just in case’

– you mow the lawn and keep hitting pieces of bumper fillers

– when you own a Turbo Buick with maybe $15,000 invested into it in total, and it will smoke a brand new $70,000 Viper

– you constantly buy her new jewelry even though you have not installed the last goodie

– when your buddy in a 03 cobra passes you because he’s tired of hearing your turbo

– you’re at the E85 pump and the guy next to you says, “Um sir, did you know you’re putting the wrong fuel in your car?”

– someone asks you “is it normal to leak that much oil” and you say “it’s not leaking oil, it’s marking it’s territory”

– you become a self-taught electrical engineer from fixing the electrical problems on your turbo Buick

– you nail the gas at a 30 mph roll and your Turbo Buick starts to go sideways

– people look at you with that dumb look when you say ‘only 22 lbs of boost, I’m just getting started’

– you have to remove dogs, children and other odd objects from your cold air inlet

– the only people brave enough to rev their engine at you are heading in the opposite direction

– when you buy new turbo buick parts, you add 2 more for future repairs

– when it takes a whole 30 seconds to put the window up

– you think 4000 miles is a long time for your tires to last

– you are to scared to walk away from your car anywhere you drive it even at church

– if it ain’t leaking oil it must be out

– when the guys at the local hang out all are on edge because a 10 sec LC2 idles and sounds just like a 13 second one

– when your Turbo Buick goes perfectly straight for the first 20 feet THEN starts to go sideways

– when your street car, smokes most of the trailered race cars at the track

– When your new mechanical speedometer comes in and you find out it “only” goes to 120 and you call to see if they have something more suitable


Hope you enjoyed these.

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