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Buick Acronyms, Abbreviations, Terms & Translations


Compiled by (all rights reserved copyright 2013)

[this list may be reproduced freely, anywhere, in any form, “AS LONG AS” it is represented in its “FULL ENTIRETY,” including “EVERYTHING” shown herein within this post, including “ALL” of the links and credits still intact]


Buick Acronyms, Abbreviations, Terms & Translations:


HUH? I WTB some BGN stuff, but WTF is this Buick guy tryin to say? IDK! So GLWT!

Confused when reading on the Buick Forums (like TB or elsewhere) WHAT exactly all those different buick slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations mean?

Trying to follow along on a conversation or PM, or attempting to learn from one, and you need a translator to figure out just WTH these TR guys are talking about?

Perhaps you’re trying to read and diagnose a GM manual, Buick book, Regal RPO SPID VIN details or similar INFO?

Maybe you got problems with your ALDL and your SM has a big NAL problem! ECM is a POS? PITA to replace LCA? Parts are no longer STD Buick OEM?

Maybe you work FT and are just trying to R&R your PW or PL in the little time you have?

Found abbreviated link references to various automobile organizations or producers of Buick Regal car parts?  (MAGNA, NEBRA, KPP, GBP, GMP?)

Depending on the specific subject being discussed, the same acronym could mean many different things within each topic, so we’ll list what each one could possibly represent when referring to G-body vehicle discussions. (car guys often refer to BOP TTA TY and SY and several other outside brands in addition when speaking, so included are explanations of those too!)

FYI, where applicable, we are listing links to the appropriate sources for more info, always shown at the end of the definition as: {LINK HERE}

FWIW, this is a great post to learn from, so get to it ASAP, no more TBD later, so you don’t have so many FAQ!

ATM, you’re most likely confused with some of the buick terminology, but hang on, BTR saves your day… FTW!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a GN, GNX, Wh1, WE4, or W/E other BR, IMO I’m sure you’ll find this Buick List useful & resourceful!  OMG it’s quite extensive but makes an excellent Turbo Buick Reference Guide! (and it’s all SFW!) Call it a Buick Dictionary if you like!

HTH to make your Buick Literature reading a little easier!

Feel Free to copy this (or better yet, bookmark this entire page either on your computer or your favorite online bookmark service) for your own future use.  Or use the following link to download a text copy of this list to save on your own W7 system for E-Z access & REF!

(this is just a notepad text file; download [right click, save as] then save or print it out!)  {buick acronym list}


Acronym      What it Means:


1LE      Chevy Camaro (model for parts)

7AL-2      MSD coil

91      premium gas (octane rating)

92      premium gas (octane rating)

93      premium gas (octane rating)

109      part # (last 3 digits) of a stock buick GN engine block (3.8 liter; 231 cid; v6 engine)

110      race gas (octane rating)

140      Casting # (last 3 digits) for hot air engine block (1984-1985)

1547      number of WE4’s produced

200-4R      stock Buick GN transmission

200R4      GM transmission (used in mid/late 1980s Camaros, Firebirds, etc.)

231      cubic inch motors in stock buick regals

3.8      engine liters for stock turbo buick regals

301T      in reference to Pontiac 301 Turbo engine (Trans Am engine)

307      walbro 307 fuel pump

340      walbro 340 fuel pump

340M      walbro 340M fuel pump

3800      buick engine model/series (the predecessor to the 3.8 liter)

4L60 / 4L60E      transmission (model #)

4L80      transmission (model #)

4WD      4 Wheel Drive; 4 Wheel Disc (brakes)

547      number of Buick GNX’s produced

700R4      transmission (used in mid/late 1980s Pontiac Trans Ams)

8445      part # (last 4 digits; 25518445) of stock 231 V6 engine heads

AB      Air Box; After Black (later than 1984 GN’s)

ABS      Anti-lock Brake System; (Acrylamitride Butabene Styrene) plastic

ACA/C      AC Delco; Air Conditioning; Aero Coupe (usually in reference to Monte Carlo SS)

ACD      AC Delco

A/D  A-D      Analog to Digital (usually in reference to conversion of dash/gauge setup)

AE      Acceleration Enrichment

AEM      AEM Electronics (maker/seller buick parts [wideband O2 systems, gauges]) {}

A/F      Air Fuel (ratio)

AF      Air Flow

AFI      Airflow Input

AFL      AirFlow (Speed Density calculated Grams/Sec)

AFR      Air Fuel Ratio

ADJ      Adjustable

AFPR      Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

AI      Air Intake; Air Induction; Artificial Intelligence

AKA      Also Known As

ALC      Alcohol

ALDL      Assembly Line Diagnostic Link (connection port; under dash, behind radio in a Buick Regal)

ALKY      Alcohol (injection)

AM      AutoMeter (maker/seller of gauges) {}; radio frequency (AM band)

AMP      Amplifier (in/for a radio/sound system)

AMS      AMS Performance (maker/seller buick parts [boost controller]) {}

ANS      maker/seller of buick parts (now defunct)

A/R      area/radius (ratio of turbo)

ARP      ARP Fasteners (maker/seller of buick parts [bolts]) {}

AS      All Season (tires)

ASAP      As Soon As Possible

ASC      After Start Correction; maker of Buick GNX (ASC/McLaren) {ASC}

ASM      Assembly

ATC      Adjustable Timing control

ATDC      After Top Dead Center (engine, piston position reference)

ATM      At The Moment

ATR      Applied Technologies & Research (now defunct company that made/sold buick arts)

AtS      Air Temperature Sensor

AUX      Auxilliary

AVC      AVC Engineering (maker/seller of buick parts [GNX Dash/gauges]) (now defunct)

AW      Auto World (maker/seller of buick model scale cars)

AWD      All Wheel Drive

B      Billet

B4B      Before Black (earlier than the all-black 1984 Buick Regal Grand National’s)

B&M      B&M (maker/seller buick parts [shifters, trans converters, etc.]) {}

BAMF      Bad A** Mother F**ker

BAP      Boost A Pump (voltage increaser for fuel pump)

BAT      Battery (voltage)

BB      Ball Bearing (turbo related); Before Black (earlier than 1984 Buick GN’s)

BBC      Big Block Chevy

BBL      Barrel (as in 4 barrel carb)

BC      Boost Controller; Buick Club

BCA      Buick Club of America (in Ohio) {}

BD      Boost Dutycycle

BDE      Buick Driving Enthusiasts {}

BFG      B.F. Goodrich (tires)

BG      Bowling Green (Raceway in Kentucky); Barry Grant (carburetor maker)

BGC      Bowling Green Customs (now defunct company from Kentucky that made/sold buick parts)

BGN      Buick Grand National {origin of the Buick Regal Grand National}

BGNRA      Buick Grand National Racing Association (in California)

BGSCA      Buick GS Club of America (in Georgia) {}

BHA      Buick Heritage Alliance {}

BHJ      BHJ Dynamics (maker/seller of buick parts [damper]) {}

BKT      Bucket (seats)

BL      Black Letter (tires); Block Learn (mode)

BLM      Block Learn Mode (ECM state)

BMCC      Buick Motor Car Company

BMD      Buick Motor Division

BNP      Body Number Plate

BO      Best Offer

BOP      Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac (G-body divisions)

BOV      Blow Off Valve

BPE      Buick Performance Enthusiasts (automobile organization)

BPG      Buick Performance Group (racing organization) {}

BR      Buick Regal

BRD      Buick Race Day (buick racing event in Ohio) {Buick Race Day Event}

BRF      code designation for stock Buick GN 200-4R transmissions

BRK      Brake

BSB/S      Back Spacing (rims); Body Side (as in molding)

BS3      Big Stuff 3 engine management system

BSRA      Buick Street Rod Association (in Tennessee) {BSRA Club}

BstC      maker/model of an electronic boost controller

BTDC      Before Top Dead Center (engine, piston position reference)

BTR      Buick Turbo Regal, {Buick Turbo Regal website}

BTRCA      Buick and Turbo Racers Club of America (in Pennsylvania)

BTW      By The Way

B/U      Back Up

BW      Billet Wheel (turbo related); Black Wall (tires); Borg Warner

C      Celsius (temperature)

C3      Type of ECM used on the Turbo Regals

C3I      Computer Controlled Coil Ignition

C16      high octane race gas (airplane fuel)

C&D      Car & Driver (magazine)

CA      Control Arm; California; Canada

CAI      Cold Air Induction; Cold Air Intake

CALPACK      a plug-in module separate from the PROM, that contains preset calibrations used by the system during “limp home” (backup) mode

CARS      CARS Inc. (maker/seller of buick parts) (in NJ) {}

CAS      maker/seller of buick parts (radiator, intercooler, intake, etc)

CASS      Cassette (radio)

CAT      Catalytic Converter

CBC      Compact Buick Club (1961-1963 Buicks) {}

CC      Cross Counts (O2) (as displayed on ScanMaster); Cruise Control; Comp Cams {}

CCA      Cold Cranking Amps

CCC      Computer Command Control (California equipped vehicles)

CCCI      Computer Controlled Coil Ignition

CCW      Counter Clock Wise; CC Wheel {}

CE      Check Engine (light); Comp Engineering (maker/seller of buick parts [springs, shocks]) {}

CEA      Competition Engineered Aerodynamics

CEL      Check Engine Light; Fuel Trim Cell (cell number) (as shown on scanmaster)

CF      Correction Factor

CFGNT      Central Florida Buick Grand National & T-type Club {}

CHT      Cylinder Head Temperature

CID      Cubic Inch Displacement

CK      CK Performance (Buick auto shop in Florida) {}

CLC/L      Closed Loop (idle); Center Line (measurement); Craigs List

CLK      Clock

CLt      Coolant Temperature (as displayed on a scanmaster)

CM      Chrome Moly (roll bar material); CentiMeter

CNC      Computer Numerically Controlled (machine, machining operation)

CNP      Coil Near Plug (engine part)

CNYBCA      Central New York Buick Club of America {}

C/O      Coil Overs (shocks/springs)

COMPT      Compartment

CONT      Control; Continue

CONTD     Continued

COP      Coil On Plug; police officer (slang term)

CP      Coil Pack

CPS      Crank position sensor

CR      Compression Ratio (usually in reference to engine)

CRA      Crank Referance Angle

CS / CSII / CS2      Concert Sound, Concert Sound II (speaker system in TR’s)

CS144      model # of stock 120 amp alternator supplied in turbo regals (Part number 1105685)

CTS      Coolant Temperature Sensor; counts (as in reference to IAC, cross counts [O2], etc.) (as shown on scanmaster); Cadillac (model)

CTR      Center

CVR      Cover

D5      stock trans converter #

D84      RPO Code for two tone paint on the TR’s (Designers Accent Paint)

DB      Delay Box; Dual Battery

DBB      Dual Ball Bearing (turbo related)

DBL      Double

DC      Duty Cycle; Direct Current; Density Compensation (Speed Density air temp correction factor)

DD      Daily Driver

DEG      Degrees

DegF      Degrees Fahrenheit

DF – D/F      Dual Feed; Drivers Front

DFCO      Decel (decellerate) Fuel Cut Off

DFI      Direct Fuel Injection

DFI 6      an aftermarket ECM unit

DH      Dog House (plenum)

DIS4 / DIS-4      MSD coil – ignition system

DIY      Do It Yourself

DK      Dark (as in color); Dennis Kirban (person, in Pennsylvania, owner of Kirban Performance)

DL      Data Logger; Down Load (computer application)

DLS      DLS Engine Development (buick engine parts seller, in Indiana)

DLX      Deluxe

DN      Dual Nozzle; Down

DOHC      Dual Over Head Cam

DOS      computer version (like windows)

DP      Down Pipe (turbo related)

DRD/R      Drag Radial (tires); Driver (usually in reference to description of drivers side); Door; Drivers Rear

DSD/S      Direct Scan (ECM/engine monitor, like scanmaster); Drivers Side; Drive Shaft; Drag Slick (tire)

DSBC      Deep South Buick Club

DSE      Detroit Speed Equipped (in North Carolina) {}

DTC      Diagnostic Trouble Code (Powertrain diagnostic code) (as shown on scanmaster)

DUPDUPE DUPL      Duplicate

DUTDUTNECK      Duttweiler; Duttweiler neck for intercooler

DVM      Digital Volt Meter (hand held volt meter)

E85      gasoline type

EA      Extreme Automatics (buick parts maker/seller [trans]) (in Ohio) {}

EBC      Electronic Boost Controller

ECM      Engine Control Module

ECU      Electronic Control Unit

EE      Extender Extreme (ECM chip); Epitome Exclusives (maker/seller of Buick Diecast cars) (now defunct)

EFE      (electric) Early Fuel Evaporative system

EFI      Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR      Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGT      Exhaust Gas Temperature

ELEC      Electric

ELKY      Chevrolet El Camino (slang term)

EME      Engine Mass Efficiency

ENG      Engine; English (language)

EQ      Equalizer (in/for a radio/sound system)

ERTL      Ertl (maker/seller of diecast scale model cars)

ESC      Electronic Spark Control

ESP      Enhanced Street Performance [ESP High Performance Products] (seller of buick parts [intercoolers, etc.]) (in Massachusetts) {}

EST      Electronic Spark Timing

ET      Elapsed Time (1/8 or 1/4 mile drag race measurement)

ETR      Electronic Tuned Radio

EVRV      Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve

EXE      Execute (computer program/software)

EXH      Exhaust

EXT      External; Exterior

EXTD      Extended

EXTR      Exterior

F      Fahrenheit (temperature)

FAQ      Frequently Asked Questions

FASTF.A.S.T      Fuel Air Spark Technology (now owned by Comp Cams) {} ; engine management system

FB      FaceBook; Feed Back (like leaving FeedBack for a completed transaction)

FCA      Front Control Arm

FE      Flow Error

FG      FiberGlass

FIF/I      Fuel Injected; Fuel Injectors; Frequency Input (value)

FL      Front Lower

FLCA      Front Lower Control Arm

FLR      Floor

FMF/M      Front Mount (usually in reference to an intercooler); radio frequency (FM band)

FMIC      Front Mount intercooler

FMG      Fuel Mixture Gauge

FO     Frequency Output (value)

FP      Fuel Pressure; Fuel Pump; Fuse Panel

FPR      Fuel Pressure Regulator

FRT      Front

FSF/S      For Sale

FT      For Trade; Full Time; Front; Full Throttle Speed & Sound (maker/seller of buick parts) {}

FTSS      Full Throttle Speed & Style (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Michigan) {}

FTW      For The Win (slang term)

FU      Front Upper

FUCA      Front Upper Control Arm

FW      Fly Wheel; ForWard

FWD      Front Wheel Drive; Forward

FWHP      FlyWheel Horse Power

FWIW      For What Its Worth (the statement by the person speaking)

FYI      For Your Information

G80      RPO code for a posi rear end in a TR

GA      Gauge (wire size)

GB      Gear Box (steering)

GBP      G Body Parts (maker/seller of buick parts) (in North Carolina) {}

GBPE      Gateway Buick Performance Enthusiasts (St. Louis MO Area)

GL      GreenLight (maker of diecast scale model cars); Good Luck; Go Light (AKA when the red stop light in traffic turns green)

GLWS      Good Luck With Sale

GLWT      Good Luck With That

GLWTS      Good Luck With The Sale

GM      General Motors

GMHTP      GM High Tech Performance magazine {}

GMP      maker/seller of buick diecast cars (Georgia Marketing Promotions, AKA Peachstate Collectibles) (GMP now defunct, but renamed “Acme Diecast” & ran by same owner presently) {}

GN      Buick Grand National {1987 Buick Regal Grand National}

GN1      GN1 Performance (in California) (seller of buick parts) (

GNS      GNS performance (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Tennessee) {}; Grand National Specialties (seller of buick parts) (in Pennsylvania) {}

GNX      Buick GNX {1987 Buick GNX}

GP      Grand Prix (Pontiac G-body car)

GPS      Gallons Per Second

g/s      grams per second

GS      Gran Sport (Buick A-body model)

GSCA      GS Club of America (in Georgia) {}

GSE      GSE Street Eliminator Series (drag racing class)

GSX      Grand Sport X (Buick A-body model)

GT      a designation/model/part # for a turbo; Mustang “GT” (reference)

GTA      Pontiac Trans Am GTA

GTG      Get ToGether (gathering; party)

GTP      Pontiac Grand Prix (vehicle model designation)

GTQ      a model/designation for a turbocharger

GV      Gear Vendors (maker/seller of an overdrive unit for transmissions like TH400) {}

GVW      Gross Vehicle Weight

GWTRA      Greater Wichita Turbo Regal Association (in Kansas) {}

HAH/A      Hot Air (84-85 non-intercooled turbo Buick reference)

HB      HydroBoost (brake system)

HBC      Houston Buick Club {}

HD      Heavy Duty; High Density

HEI      High Energy Ignition

HGH/G      Head Gasket

Hi Z      high impediance (for injectors / computers)

HID      High Intensity Display (as in HID head lights)

HL      Head Light

HMM      Hemmings Muscle Machines (magazine) {}

HOH/O      High Output; Hurst/Olds (car, or company)

HP      Horse Power; High Performance; High Pressure

HPP      High Performance Pontiac (magazine) {}

HPQ      designation/model/part # of a specific turbo

HR      Hour; Hot Rod (magazine); Human Resources (department); HR Parts (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Ohio) {}

HRM      Hot Rod Magazine {}

HRPT      Hot Rod (magazine) Power Tour (auto event)

HS      Harland Sharp (maker/seller of buick parts [roller rockers]) {} ; High School

HT      H/T Hard Top; Heat Treated

HTF      Hard To Find

HTH      Hope This Helps

HV      High Volume (as in an oil pump)

HVAC      Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

HW      Hot Wire; Hot Wheels (maker/seller of diecast scale model cars) {}

HWY      Highway (AKA freeway, expressway); Highway Stars (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Illinois) {}

HYD      Hydraulic

IAC      Idle Air Control

IB      Infinate Baffle (radio/speaker system)

ICI/C      Inter Cooler; Instant Center (suspension geometry); I see (slang term)

ICC      ISAC Control Console (alky system)

ICM      Instant Center Modification

ID      Inside Diameter (measurement); IDentification

IDC      Injector Duty Cycle; I Don’t Care (slang term)

IDK      I Don’t Know

IIRC      If I Remember Correctly

IHRA      International Hot Rod Association

IGN      Ignition

IM      Ignition Module; Instant Messenger

IMHO      In My Humble Opinion

IMO      In My Opinion

INJ      Injector

INST      Instrument (usually in ref to dash panel)

INT      Internal; Interior; Intake; Integrator (short term fueling adjustment) (as shown on Scanmaster)

INTR      Interior

IOW      In Other Words

IPI/P      Instrument Panel; IP address (URL, website address)

IPW      Injector Pulse Width

ISI/S      In Side

ISAC      Injection Systems Alcohol Controller

J47      Regal Coupe (model)

JADA      Jada Toys (maker/seller of diecast scale model cars) {}

JB      Journal Bearing (turbo type/description)

JE      JE Pistons (maker/seller of buick parts [pistons]) {}

JL      Johnny Lightning (maker/seller of diecast scale model cars) {}

JMHO      Just My Humble Opinion

K      thousand (measurement); Kilometer

K1      engine rod designation/model #

K47      Regal T-Type Coupe (model)

K&N      K&N air filters (maker/seller) {}

KB      Kenne Bell (maker/seller of buick parts) (now defunct)

KD      Kenny Duttweiler

KDK      kdk performance (buick auto shop) (in Florida) {}

KG      Kilogram

K/H      Kilometers per Hour

KILOKM     Kilometer

KOEO      Key On Engine Off

KP      Kirban Performance Products (in Pennsylvania) {}

KPA      Kilopascal (measurement) (manifold presure)

KPP      Kirban Performance Products (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Pennsylvania) {}

KR      Knock Retard

KYB      KYB (maker/seller of buick parts [shocks]) {}

L Liter

L8      Load Variable 8 bit (Filtered Load Variable) (as shown on Scanmaster)

LBLBS     pound(s) (rating)

LC1 / LC-1      wideband O2 (data system)

LC2      stock 3.8 liter turbo V6 engine code (1986 & 1987); option code for turbo package {LC2 turbo package}

LCA      Lower Control Arms

LED      Light Emitting Diode (light bulb)

LEO     Local/Law Enforcement Official/Officer (police)

LF      Left Front

LGN      1986 LeSabre Grand National {LeSabre Grand National}

LH      Left Hand

LIBC      Long Island Buick Club {}

LL      Line Lock

LM1 / LM-1      brand/part # of a wideband O2 sensor (data system)

LM9      stock 3.8 liter turbo V6 engine code (1984 & 1985); option code for turbo package {LM9 turbo package}

LN      Like New

Low Z      low impediance (for injectors / computers)

LP      Lamp; Liquefied Petroleum (Propane, butane gas)

LPW      LPW Products (maker/seller of buick parts [rear end girdles, trans pans, etc.]) {}

L/RL&R      Left Right

LR      Left Rear

LSLS1LSX      V8 Chevy engine/parts

LSPBC      Lone Star Performance Buick Club (in Texas) {}

LT      Long Term; Light (as in color)

LT1      V8 Chevy engine/parts

Lt1     Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (+/- Percent) (as shown on scanmaster)

Lt2      Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 (+/- Percent) (as shown on scanmaster)

LTD      Limited (Regal model) or (a production quantity)

L/U      Lock Up (trans converter)

LUGG      Luggage (compartment, rack)

LV8      Load Variable 8 bit (Filtered Load Variable)

LW      Left Wheel

LWR      Lower

M47      Regal Limited Coupe (model)

M&A      (maker/seller of buick parts [heads/intake, etc]) (now defunct?)

M&H      M&H Tires (maker/seller of buick parts [tires]) {}

MABPC      Mid-Atlantic Buick Performance Club {}

MAF      Mass Air Flow

MAFTPRO      MAF Translator Pro (computer/engine management translator for MAF systems & more) {}

MAGNA      Mid-Atlantic Grand National Association (Club for TR owners in: PA, NJ, DE, MD, based in Delaware) {}

MAGS      Mid-Atlantic Gran Sports (club for Buick people in MD, DC, VA, PA; based in Maryland) {}

MALMALF      Malfunction (code)

MAN      Manual

MAT      Manifold Air Temperature (sensor)

MBC      Manual Boost Controller; Midwest Buick Challenge (drag racing event)

MBPC      Michigan Buick Performance Club {}

MBTC      Michigan Buick Turbo Club {}

MC      Monte Carlo; Master Cylinder

ME      MaxEffort (brand; ECM chip); Maine

MED      Medium

MET      Metallic

METCO      Metco Motorsports (maker/seller of buick parts) (in South Carolina) {}

METH      Methanol

MFI      Multiport Fuel Injection

MGNA      Manitoba Grand National Association (in Canada)

MGNTA      Minnesota Grand National & T-type Association (in MN) {}

MIB      Mint In Box

MISB      Mint In Sealed Box

MISP      Mint In Sealed Package

MIP      Mint In Package

MLDG      Molding

MM      MilliMeter

MOD      Modified

MPC      Monogram (maker/seller of scale model plastic cars) {}

MPG      Miles Per Gallon (fuel rating)

MPH      Miles per Hour (speed rating)

MPI      Multi Port Injection

MS      Manual Steering; MilliSeconds; MicroSoft (windows); Mild Steel (roll bar material)

MSD      MSD Performance (maker/seller coil/ignition systems, brand) {}

MTM/T      Mint (condition); Motor Trend (magazine) {} ; Manifold Temperature; Mickey Thompson (Tires) {}

MT2500      brand/model # of scan tool made by Snap On Tools

MTD      Mounted

MTR      Motor; Manual Tune Radio

MTT      Mickey Thompson Tires {}

MV      MilliVolts

MWBC      MidWest Buick Challenge (drag racing event) (usually held at Osceola Raceway in Osceola IN)

N2O      Nitrous oxide

NAN/A      N.A. Naturally Aspirated; Not Available; Not Applicable

NAL      Malfunction Codes (as displayed on ScanMaster)

NBNBO2     Narrow Band (stock, O2 sensor)

NCN/CN.C.      Normally Closed (position, as on an electric switch/sensor); North Carolina; No Change

NCTB      Nor-Cal Turbo Buicks (buick club in California)

NEBRA      New England Buick Racing Association (in New Hampshire) {}

NEGSGN      NE-GS/GN Northeast GS GN Club

NEOBCA      North East Ohio Buick Club of America {}

NGK      NGK (spark plug brand)

NHRA      National Hot Rod Association

NIN/I      Nitrous Injection; Not Included

NIB      New In Box

N/LN/LU      Non Lock Up (trans converter)

NM      Near Mint; Never Mind (slang term); New Mexico

NMCA      National Muscle Car Association (drag racing organization) {}

NNO      New Never Opened

NON/ON.O.      Normally Open (position, as on an electric switch/sensor); Never Opened

NOS      New Old Stock; Nitrous Oxide System

NP      No Problem

NPH      Miles per Hour (as displayed on ScanMaster)

NRFB      Never Removed From Box

NSFW      Not Safe For Work (as in viewing on a computer, usually in ref to pics, videos)

NSS      Neutral Safety Switch

NTBC      North Texas Buick Club

NVM      Non-Volatile Memory (ECM memory)

NWS      Not Work Safe (as in viewing on a computer, usually in ref to pics, videos)

O1      Oxygen sensor millivolts Bank 1 (Millivolts) (as shown on scanmaster)

O2      Oxygen (sensor); Oxygen sensor millivolts Bank 2 (Millivolts) (as shown on scanmaster)

OBO      Or Best Offer

OBPC      Oklahoma Buick Performance Club (in OK) {}

OCT      Octane (fuel rating); October

ODO/D      OverDrive; Outside Diameter (measurement); Over Dose

ODOM      Odometer

OE      Original Equipment

OEM      Original Equipment Manufacture

OHC      Over Head Cam

OL      Open Loop (idle)

OMG       Oh My God

OP      Original Poster/Person (of a thread on a forum); Opinion

OSO/S      Over Size; Out Side

OTC      (usually followed by a model #) brand/model of engine/computer code reader / scan tool

OTC2000 – OTC4000      engine/computer code reader / scan tool – model/version

OWL      Outline White Letter (tires)

PA      Power Antenna; Pennsylvania

PAC      Progressive Alcohol Controller (part of an alky system)

PAPP.A.P.      Pick A Part (AKA junkyard)

PASS      Passenger (side)

PC      Powder Coated; Politically Correct (speaking); Personal Computer

PCV      Positive Crankcase Ventilation (engine valve)

PD      Police Department

PE      Power Enrichment

PF      Passengers Front

PF-47      stock AC Delco oil filter #

PF-52      larger AC Delco oil filter #

PFI      Port Fuel Injection

PHR      Popular Hot Rodding (magazine) {}

PITA      Pain In The *ss

PKG      Package

PL      Powerlogger (engine/ECM monitor / datalogger); Injector Pulse Width (display on ScanMaster); Power Lock (doors)

PLX      wideband O2 system brand/model

PM      Private/Personal Message/Mail; Parts Master; Power Master (brake system)

PMT      PMT Fabrication (pure muscle suspension parts) (in Indiana) {}

PN      Part Number; Park/Neutral (switch)

PNL      Panel

PnP      Plug and Play

P/OPO      Previous Owner; Police Option (on a vehicle); P*ssed off (PO’d)

PON      Pontiac (car brand; assembly plant in Flint, MI)

POS      Piece Of Sh*t

PPP/P      Power Plate {}; Ported Polished (in reference to engine head); Pocket Programmer

PPH      Pound Per Hour

PR      Pressure Ratio (usually in ref to turbo related); Press Release; Public Relations; Passenger Rear

Prog      Program

PROM      Programmable Read Only Memory (computer chip)

PSP/S      Power Steering; Passenger Side; Power Seats

PSI      Pounds per Square Inch

PSIA      PSI Atmospheric (calibration) (adds 14.7 PSI to sender reading)

PSIG      PSI Gauge (calibration)

PT      designation/model/part # of a specific turbo; Part Time; Part Throttle

PTC      Performance Torque Converters (maker/seller) (in Alabama) {}

PTE      Precision Turbo and Engine (maker/seller of turbos) (in Indiana) {}

PTS      PTS Xtreme (transmission company) (in California) (now defunct?)

P/U      Pick Up (truck); or as in ‘come get it’

Pu1      Injector Pulsewidth Bank 1 (Milliseconds) (as shown on scanmaster)

Pu2      Injector Pulsewidth Bank 2 (Milliseconds) (as shown on scanmaster)

PUI      Parts Unlimited Inc (maker of seat covers) (in Kentucky) {}

PV      Proportioning Valve

PW      Pulse Width (Injectors); Power Windows

PWR      Power

PWM      Pulse Width Modulated

Q8      Quick 8 (drag racing class)

Q16      Quick 16 (drag racing class)

QA      Quality Assurance

QA1      designation/brand/model # for specific shocks

QEP      QEP (gnx style dash maker/seller [they eventually turned into AVC]) (now defunct)

R      RPM

R&R      Repair/Remove & Replace/repair

RC      Racing Champions (diecast scale model cars, owned by ERTL) {}; Richard Clark (from NC, buick person); Radio Controlled; Remote Controlled

RCA      Rear Control Arm

RDO      Radio

RECL      Reclining (seats)

REF      Reference

REM      Remote

REQ      Required; Requisite

REV      Reverse; Revision (#)

RF      Right Front

RGE      Range

RH      Right Hand

RJC      RJC Racing (maker/seller of buick parts) (in Utah) {}

R&L      Right & Left

RLR/L      Red Line (in reference to tires on a Hot Wheels scale model car); Red Line (Fluids maker); Rear Lower; Right Left

RLCA      Rear Lower Control Arm

RMS      Rear Main Seal

RPE      RPE Racing Engines (maker/seller of buick parts [engine builder, parts])

RPO      Regular Production Option (code) {Buick RPO Codes}

RR      Right Rear; Rear

RU      Rear Upper

RUCA      Rear Upper Control Arm

RW      Rear Wheel; Right Wheel

RWD      Rear Wheel Drive

RWL      Raised White Letter (tires)

RWHP      Rear Wheel HorsePower

S1      Stage 1

S2      Stage 2

S10      Chevy truck type

S16      Super 16 (drag racing class)

S&W      S&W Race Cars (maker/seller of buick parts [roll bars]) (in Pennsylvania) {}

SAE      Society of Automotive Engineers

SB      Small Block; Sway Bar; Steering Box; Steel Belted (tires)

SBC      Small Block Chevy

SC      Super Charged; Sport Coupe; Super Coupe (Ford Thunderbird); Super Chevy (magazine)

SCE      SCE Gaskets (maker/seller of buick parts [engine gaskets]) (in California) {}

SD      Speed Density; Severe Duty; Super Duty; Super Dense

SEMBCA      Southeast Michigan Buick Club of America {}

SES      Service Engine Soon (“engine” light on dash)

SF      State Farm (Insurance)

SFW      Safe For Work (viewing)

SEFI      Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

SEO      Special Equipment Option

SFI      Sequential Fuel Injection; safety spec rating (approval stamp/lettering, for a racing part)

SIG      Signature (a persons listing of car mods, links, etc., on an internet board/forum)

SL      Stock Location

SLIC      Stock Location Inter Cooler

SM      Scan Master (engine/ECM monitor) {}

SMC      SMC (maker/seller of buick parts [alcohol injection kits])

SMP      Summit Motorsports Park (in Ohio) (Buick Race Day events are held here) {}

SOHC      Single Over Head Cam

SP      (as displayed on ScanMaster) Spark Advance (Timing being commanded by the ECM)

SPI      Service Parts Identification

SPID      Service Parts Identification Decal (located on the inside of trunk lid) {Buick SPID Label}

SPL      Special

SRS/R      Street Radial (tire)

SRE      SRE maker/seller of buick parts (sheet metal, trans pans)

SRP      Summit Raceway Park (in Norwalk Ohio) (now called Summit Motorsports Park)

SS      Super Sport (Monte Carlo model); Stainless Steel; Super Stock (racing class)

SSBC      Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation / SSBC Performance Brake Systems (maker/seller of buick parts [brake parts]) {}

SST      Stainless Steel

ST      Short Term

St1      Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (+/- Percent) (as shown on scanmaster)

St2      Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 (+/- Percent) (as shown on scanmaster)

STD      Standard (size)

STG      Service Technology Group (GM division)

SUSP      Suspension

SVSA      Side View Swing Arm (suspension geometry, the imaginary length of the rear suspension instant center)

SW      Stewart Warner (maker/seller of dash gauges; original gauges used in the GNX); SoftWare (for computer); Steering Wheel

SY      Syclone (truck)

SYS      System

SYTY / SY-TY     reference to Syclone and Typhoon trucks

T      Turbo T’s are sometimes referred to as “T’s”

T+      MAF Translator Pro (MafTPro)

T Pro      MAF Translator Pro (MafTPro)

T&D      T&D Macine Products (maker/seller of buick parts [roller rockers, etc.]) {}

T&T      Test and Tune (at a race track)

T6P      Turbo 6 Power; (buick forum) {}

TAT/A      Trans Am (Pontiac car); a designation for a turbo; TA (maker/seller buick parts) {}

TAF      Target A/F Ratio

TAI      Turbo Alcohol Injection (drag racing class)

TB      Turbo Buick; (buick forum) {}; Trans Brake; Throttle Body

TBA      To Be Announced

TBD      To Be Determined

TBI      Throttle Body Injection

TBN      Turbo Buick Newsletter (AKA “The Source”) (now defunct)

TC      Torque Converter

TCC      Turbo Control Center (aka ESC); Torque Converter Clutch

TCI      TCI Transmissions (maker/seller of buick parts [trans related]) (now owned by Comp Cams) {}

TDC      Top Dead Center (engine, piston position reference)

TE      designation/part/model # of a specific turbo

TEC      Total Engine Control (Electromotive, maker of ignition/fuel control systems) {}

TFS      Turbo Factory Stock (drag racing class)

TH      Terry Houston (maker/seller of buick parts [downpipes]) (now defunct); Turbo Hydramatic (trans)

TH350      Turbo Hydramatic 350 (GM trans)

TH400      Turbo Hydramatic 400 (GM trans)

THDTHDP      Terry Houston Down Pipe (engine part)

THM      Turbo Hydra Matic (trans)

THS      Turbo Hot Street (drag racing class)

TIA      Thanks In Advance

TL      Tail Light; Turbo Link (scan tool)

TLC      Tender Loving Care (needs some, usually a condition of parts!)

TLINK / T-LINK      Turbo Link (scan tool)

TM      Turbo Meter (scan tool)

TMK      To My Knowledge

TMP      Turbo Meter Pro (like WinALDL, scan tool)

TnT      Test and Tune (at a race track)

TORS      Torsion (bar)

TP      Tuner Pro; Translator Pro

TPI      Tuned Port Injection

TPP      Throttle Position Percentage (Percent) (as shown on scanmaster)

TPS      Throttle Position Sensor

TPS-TEC wiring device for TPS made by caspers {

TR      Turbo Regal

TRW      TRW (maker/seller of buick parts [pistons, etc.])

TSA      Turbo Stock Appearing (drag racing class)

TSE      Turbo Street Eliminator (drag racing class)

TSI      Turbo Street Injected (drag racing class)

TSL      Turbo Street Limited (drag racing class)

TSM      Turbo Street Modified (drag racing class)

TSP      Tri Shield Performance (in Minnesota) {}

TSO      Turbo Street Outlaw (drag racing class)

TSR      Turbo Street Radial (tire) (drag racing class)

TSS      Turbo Street Stock (drag racing class)

TSTAT / T-STAT      Thermostat

TTT/T      Turbo Tweak (ECM Chip maker reference) {} ; Twin Turbo

TTA      Turbo Trans Am (POntiac car)

TTYL      Talk To You Later

TQ      Torque

TV      Throttle valve; TV (cable); Television

TW      Tiger Wheels (diecast scale model cars)

TY      Typhoon (truck); Thank You

TYM      Thank You Much

TYVM      Thank You Very Much

UCA      Upper Control Arm

UMI      UMI Performance (maker/seller of buick parts [control arms]) {}

UP      Upper; Upper Peninsula; direction (the part faces ‘up’)

UPR      Upper

USB      Universal Serial Bus (computer connection terminal or cable)

UT      User Tune

V      Volts; Version (#)

V2      brand/model/part # (of intercooler)

V6      description/number of cylinders for a stock turbo buick regal engine

VAC      Vacuum

VAR      Variation; Variety; Variable; Variance

VB      Valve Body (trans); Volt Booster; Vacuum Brakes

VCV/C      Valve Cover

VCB      Valve Cover Breather

VDO      VDO (maker/seller of buick parts [gauges])

VE      Volumetric Efficiency

VEH      Vehicle

VER      Version (#)

VERT      Vertical; Convertible (slang term)

VHTF      Very Hard To Find

VIN      Vehicle Identification Number (VIN tag) {buick regal grand national VIN}

VIN-7      #7 is the VIN code for the 3.8 liter engine in the Turbo Buick Regal (1986-1987 models)

VLV      valve

VSS      Vehicle Speed Sensor

VVA      Variable Valve Actuation (engine head/cam reference)

VVT      Variable Valve Timing (engine head/cam reference)

W      Walbro (fuel pump maker/seller)

W/      With

W7      Windows 7 (computer version)

W11      option code for T-type {W11 appearance package}

WBW/B      Wide Band (O2); Wheel Base

WBO2      Wide Band (O2)

WCW/C      Water Cooled

WDO      Window

W/E      What Ever

WE2 / WE-2      RPO code for a Buick Regal Grand National {we2 appearance package}

WE4 / WE-4      RPO code for a Buick Regal model {we4 appearance package}

WGW/G      Waste Gate (for exhaust on turbo cars)

WH1 / WH-1      RPO code for a Buick Regal {wh1 appearance package}

WHL      Wheel

WHP      Wheel HorsePower

WIW/I      Water Injection

Win7      Windows 7 (computer version)

WIN2000      windows computer version

Win2k      windows computer version

WinALDL      program that reads the ALDL (computer/engine) data

WL      White Lightning (special limited edition diecast cars made by Johnny Lightning with white colored wheels, interior, etc.); White Letter (tires)

WNYTB      Western New York Turbo Buicks (car club)

W/O      With Out; Wide Open

WO2      exterior sport package (RPO code on a TR) (this was the blackout package on ANY Regal) {w02 option package}

WO5      Option package for Regal Limited {w05 option package}

WOL      White Outline Letters (tires)

WOM      Wheel Opening Moldings; World Of Motor Works {}

WOMW      World Of Motor Works (in Illinois) {}

WOT      Wide Open Throttle

WPW/P      Water Pump

WRE      Weber Racing Engines (Weber Power Products) {}

W/S      WindShield (front glass)

WSW      WindShield Wipers

WTB      Want To Buy

WTF      What The F*ck

WTH      What The H*ll

WTS      Want To Sell

WTT      Want To Trade

WW      Wilwood (maker/seller of buick parts – brake systems) {} ; White Wall (tires); Windshield Wipers

WWDC      WoodWard Dream Cruise (Michigan car cruise) {buicks at michigan woodward dream cruise}

WWT      White Wall Tires

X    (gnX)      GNX’s are sometimes referred to as “X’s” {buick gnx specs}

XP      windows computer version

XFI      fuel/engine management system

XTSM      eXtreme Turbo Street Modified (drag racing class)

Z06      Corvette (model)

ZR1      Corvette (model)

ZDDP      oil additive {}


For Buick Regal Part Numbers or Turbo Regal Codes of ANY kind, check here:

{turbo buick regal grand national spid rpo codes part numbers}


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