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GM Additional RPO Option Codes

Here’s some additional RPO codes that are not listed in the dealer order guides.

Some of these codes are used on other GM models and other models years.


AG2   Passenger Power Seat
AM6   45-55 Split Bench Seat With Armrest
AQ9   Lear-Seigler Driving Seat
AS7   45-45 Split Bench Seat
A52   Bench Seat
A65   Bench Seat With Armrest

BS2   Acoustical Insulation Package
BX2   Wide Lower Body Side Molding
BX3   Woodgrain

C41   Heater Only

DR3   Chrome Mirror Left And Right Manual
D33   Chrome Mirror Left And Right Remote
DL4   Accent Stripes

FE2   Ride And Handling Suspension

GH2   2.29 Final Drive Ratio
GT4   3.73 Final Drive Ratio
GT5   4.10 Final Drive Ratio
GU1   2.41 Final Drive Ratio
GU2   2.73 Final Drive Ratio
GU4   3.08 Final Drive Ratio
GU5   3.23 Final Drive Ratio
GW9  2.93 Final Drive Ratio
G67   Electronic Lift Control Rear Suspension
G72   2.14 Final Drive Ratio
G89   7.50″ Diameter Ring Gear
G92   Performance Axle Ratio

J41   Cast Iron Drum Brake
J42   Aluminum Drum Brake
J55   Heavy Duty Brake

K64   78 Amp Alternator
K73   70 Amp Alternator
K77   56 Amp Alternator
K81   66 Amp Alternator
K85   37 Amp Alternator
K99   85 Amp Alternator

LC8   3.8 Turbocharged 4V V-6
LG4   5.0 litre 4V V-8
LT6   4.3 litre Diesel V-6

MV4   Turbohydramatic 350C Transmission
MV9   Turbohydramatic 200C Transmission
MX2   Turbohydramatic 350C Transmission
M15   3-Speed Transmission
M20   4-Speed Transmission
M29   Turbohydramatic 200 Transmission
M31   Turbohydramatic 250C Transmission
M33   Turbohydramatic 350 Transmission
M38   Turbohydramatic 350 Transmission
M40   Turbohydramatic 400 Transmission

PB7   Painted Rally Wheel With Trim Ring
PE4   Polycast Wheel

NB2   California Emissions Equipment
NK3   Sport Steering Wheel Vinyl
NK5   Standard Steering Wheel
N30   Deluxe Steering Wheel
N37   Tilt And Telescope Steering

UQ1   Provisions For Stereo Equipment
UX6   Front Speakers
U18   Export Speedometer
U19   Canadian Speedometer
U63   AM Mono Radio
U64   Standard Rear Speakers

VD4   Front Steel Bumper Reinforcements
VD5   Rear Steel Bumper Reinforcements
VD6   Front Aluminum Bumper Reinforcements
VD7   Rear Aluminum Bumper Reinforcements
V73   Bumper Guards

W03   Limited Sedan

Z49   Canadian Equipment



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