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Custom Speaker Pods & Panels

We all like our tunes in our Gbody Regals.
Some people are more music mavens then others, however.
So when you want your jams to project their finest notes, it’s time to upgrade the sound system.
That generally means a better radio, and more dynamically tuned, as well as bigger speakers.
And that requires the need to have a place to put those speakers.
The stock mounting locations, and brackets thereof, typically won’t work.
Good thing for us Turbo Buick owners, there has been mounting solutions created to solve this problem.
Fiberglass pieces that simply bolt into existing places inside the Buick Regal.
Take a look at some of these custom speaker pods that fit in the lower front kick panels, lower door panels, rear side panels, and speaker panels that fit on the rear deck.


custom kick panel speaker pods

these can hold up to a 6.5″ speaker with a 2″ tweeter too!

q-logic kick panel speaker pods

from q-logic, speaker pods to fit the front kick panels, holds speaker & tweeter

lower door panels dual 5.25 speakers

these fiberglass lower door panel replacements hold 2- 5.25″ speakers, nice built-in all 1 piece unit

custom door panel lower part for dual speakers

the panels come with no holes cut out for speakers so you can custom fit your own speakers to size

custom fiberglass door panel speaker pods

a fiberglass pod to fit over your existing door panel, holds two speakers and two tweeters on each side

concert sound II lower door panel 2

the factory “concert sound II” option speaker covers gave a little more room for bigger door speakers

concert sound II lower door panel

5.25″ round speakers could be mounted behind this original buick option

concert sound II speaker covers

this factory option is a good choice if you prefer the stock look inside your car

rear side speaker panel

accommodates 4″ round speakers as well as tweeters, replaces the existing side panel in the back seat

rear deck speaker panel 2

this fits on top of the rear deck

rear deck speaker panel

has options to insert 4 round speakers, as well as 4 tweeters if you wish!

fiberglass door speaker pods

this owner added onto the original door panel to mount these twin speakers


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