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Maisto Fresh Metal White Buick Grand National

We saw someone who had acquired this particular Buick diecast car a few months back. We were hoping that we would see more of this specific version for sale by others, so we could get additional photos and info on it, but to no avail.
So for now, it’s a pretty rare acquisition.
In fact, it’s the ONLY one we have seen.
Initially we thought perhaps it was a fake of some kind, but it does match up with the type of car that Maisto has produced in the past.
Maybe there’s a warehouse full of them somewhere, and they are just waiting to be released at a later date.
It’s conceivable that there was an error or something with them and they were not suppose to be released into the wild?
But this one actually did make it into a store somehow.
(things like that DO happen, although not really that often)

The single picture we have of it is below.

[if you have any info about this specific version, please let us know!]


Why we say this is probably a real version, and just delayed on its release:

Maximizing profits is the name of the game for most companies, but of course, it’s also good for Buick diecast car collectors as well.

Maisto has a license for creating the 1987 Buick Grand National die cast cars.
They have made this G-body Regal in (mostly) black, but some were painted white too.

Produced in China (like most of these 1:64 scale vehicles are, regardless of the brand), it looks basically correct (minus the wheels) on the exterior.
We’ve already mentioned in a previous post that the reason the windows are tinted black is because there is no interior in these automobiles!
(that’s one of the reasons they can sell these cars so cheap!)

The black base on these miniature autos have the number 12249 on them, and some of the chassis features are molded into it.
Not great, but I suppose good enough for how inexpensive these diecast toys are.

So how exactly does Maisto maximize their efforts from this particular die cast vehicle?

You use (literally) the same exact diecast car (with no changes at all), and package it up in numerous different newly styled carded versions.

[at least Hot Wheels changes up the paint and wheels on some cars]

There are 9 various kinds of creations produced like this, so far…
(we would expect that they will keep generating them since they are popular and currently selling well)


ALL of the below versions, use the exact same Buick diecast car.

[the Adventure Force series is a Walmart exclusive version]

Adventure Force single car
Adventure Force 5-pack
Adventure Force 9-pack
Adventure Force 50-pack

Fresh Metal single

Fresh Metal 100 single
Fresh Metal 100 5-pack

Maisto Muscle

[there was even a version released in France:]

Car Collection


To be fair, maisto HAS spawned other modified styles of the Buick GN, with different rims, paint schemes, even some that have t-tops (which no other brand 1:64 scale car has, so kudos to them for this effort).

They also have created some collectibles with trailers, transport trucks, etc.
Maisto diecast Buick Regals


Here’s the pic of the white Buick Regal, which is 1 of 1, for now…

[and to note, just like the latest released version of this Buick Regal diecast it doesn’t even say the name of the car on the package!]



Here's some related Buick items if you happen to be shopping for Buick merchandise! (if you can't see them, turn off your ad blocker!)





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