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Turbo Buick Regal Grand National GNX T-type Turbo T Limited WH1 WE4 D84 Sport Coupe

RPO option WE2 Grand National Appearance Package


The RPO WE2 Grand National Appearance Package includes the following codes, along with what the actual code represents specifically:


Code  Description

AR9   Front Bucket Seats
BD1   Rocker Panel Molding Delete
BV8   Black Outside Door Handle
BX1   Hood Ornament Delete
BX5   Black Drip Rail Moldings
BY4   Grand National Instrument Panel Name Plate
B19   Special Interior
B24   Black Quarter Glass Reveal Molding
B71   Black Wheel Opening Molding
B72   Black Door Reveal Molding
B77   Black Windshield Reveal Molding
B79   Black Deck Lid Molding
B89   Black Rear Window Reveal Molding
C01   Fender Grand National Name Plate
C18   Black Windshield Wiper Arm
D55   Floor Console
NP5   Leather Wrapped Sport Steering Wheel
N83   Chrome Sport Wheels
TL6   Black Grille
TL8   Black Hood Molding
T43   Rear Deck Lid Spoiler
T47   Turbo Hood
T83   Black Headlamp Bezels
T93   Black Taillamp Bezels
VH6   Black Painted Bumpers
WE2  Grand National Package
YR1   Custom Front Seat Trim
YS1   Custom Rear Seat Trim
YT1   Custom Door Trim
19U   Black Exterior Paint
82C   Gray Custom Interior





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