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Richard Clark’s Open House Event October 2008 NC Car Show Meet

{This is a big & long page – give the pictures time to load! Then scroll down all the way to the bottom to see ALL of the pics!}


Buicks at Piedmont Dragway:


piedmont dragway


rosewood t-typebuick grand national
turbo trans amgrand national
buick turbo tjack cotton
buick regal turbo tbuick racing
cottons performancepumpkin
twin turbotwin turbo buick
malibu turboturbo v6
buick grand national racingrosewood buick t-type
buick regal grand nationalracetrack
white turbo tbuick GN


Richard Clarks Shop:   (& stuff just hanging around the yard!)


burlington north carolinarichards toy room
turbo buick hoodbuick regal
1986 buick regal


Lunch Time with Dennis Kirban!
Then Richard Clark Talks About ZDDPlus!


dennis kirbanrichard clark


Buick Car Show:


car trailerbuick car show
buick regal GNNC car show
turbo buick car showburlington car show
grand national car showbuick regal car show
1986 buick grand nationaloctober meet
1987 buick grand national1986 buick regal
1987 buick regalorange regal


richard clark car showturbo buick grand national
1986 turbo buick1987 turbo buick
turbo buick regal grand national1987 buick t-type
turbocharged v63.8 liter
dynobuick GNX


turbo buick regal



The above was from Richard Clark’s Open House!     Burlington, North Carolina     Oct. 17-19, 2008.
That was the first publicized event he held, and now holds it on a yearly basis!


There was racing action from Piedmont Dragway, the car show on Richard’s property, some of RC’s cars including 3 GNX‘s, all the way cool tools & machines he has that test just about every single part on the Turbo Buick!


There’s was also Q&A tech sessions, the vendors selling the stuff us Buick nuts crave & LOTS MORE!


If you didn’t attend, you missed an awesome event!
Well, there’s always next year!!


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