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Buick Regal Grand National Turbo T Type Limited GNX ECM Wiring Harness Ignition Starting Charging Components & Plugs (Intro)

Continuing on with supplying you the knowledge of the diverse mixture of electronic & mechanically controlled components that keep your Buick V6 231 C.I.D. turbo engine and Gbody Regal functioning properly, this go round we are doing the ECM, main wiring harness (power and ground sources), ignition parts, charging system, and all the other related/connected products in this area.

The information is mainly for the 1986-1987 models, but some of the items on the 1984-1985 cars are the same.
Also, some of the posts have info for the specific 84-85 versions.

Again, like we have been doing for the past couple weeks, the posts are short, so we are posting them three times a day (8AM, 12PM and 4PM, EST).
This series finishes up again in 7 days time (there’s 18 posts not including this one).
We’re starting this later today.

You can expand (or refresh) your Buick knowledge by checking back here every day to keep up to date!

(you do know you can subscribe so you don’t miss anything, right?)



If you need the connectors for the wiring should yours be bad, caspers electronics has splices for most of them available.


We’re actually going to break this whole section down into 2 different categories, even though they all sort of relate.
However, they will be easier to locate when you need them later doing it this way!
You probably won’t even notice as we are intermixing them, but placing them into 2 separate categories.

We’ll cover everything from the ECM, Fuse Box, Wiring Harness, Plugs & Connectors, and Assorted Components, and all of the circuits that connect to these items.
12 posts in this section: category list

As well as the Starting, Charging, Ignition System Components & Wires.
6 posts in this section: category list


We are posting them up in reverse alphabetical order (starting with the letter Z and working towards A).
If you’re wondering why we are doing it like this, it’s so that once they are all published, when you view them via the category lists, they will appear correctly in alphabetical order!


Here’s a list of all of the ECM Wiring Harness Starting Charging Ignition Wiring & Connectors in the Buick Regal:
(you can click these links after they’re published to go direct to these posts)

* Alternator
* Battery Cables (Positive & Negative)
* Bulkhead Connections & Distribution Blocks
* Coil Pack
* ECM Memory Power Wire
* Fuel Pump Test Tap
* Fuse Box
* Fusible Links
* Harness Routing
* Ignition Module (IM)
* Inline Fuses
* Main Grounds (Grounding Points)
* SES Light
* Starter
* Tach Tap Harness
* Volts Light
* Wiring Harness (Main Harnesses in car)



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