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Changing Ash Tray Light Bulbs (Non-console Cars)

Turbo Buicks with consoles obviously don’t have these under the dash type ash trays, so they don’t have this light in their Regals.
This ash tray light is only for cars without the center console.

Interestingly enough, the power/ground wires that are used for this light, are the same wires that instead run the console shifter gear indicator light on the Buick Regals!
(post #17 shows you how to change the light in the console)

This light turns on when the regular lights are on.

The OEM stock light used a white bulb.





SOCKET COLOR: black (with a metal sleeve over the bulb, sleeve has 1 small hole in it where the light shines down into the ash tray)



CONNECTOR 1: gray wire in from INST LPS fuse (via dimmer switch).
CONNECTOR 2: black wire out to ground.




The light is located under the radio, so you must pull it out to access it.
Remove trim bezel.
4- 7mm bolts hold the radio in.
Pull the radio out (or slide it out of the way).
The ash tray light is contained in a metal housing that is clipped on the metal plate that sits above the ashtray (the support on the bottom of the dash).
Take a flat screwdriver and push in on the front side of the housing, between the housing and the plate, it should pop out.
Twist the metal housing and it will come apart from the black plastic light socket.
Pull the bulb out.

Reinstall in the reverse order.


(note that the owner wanted a red light here, so that’s what we installed, see it shine down into the ashtray in the last pic)

(the 5th pic shows you the tiny hole that the light shines thru. If you left the metal housing off this, the light would be much brighter into the ash tray, but then you have to figure out a way to secure the light in place since the tab that holds it into place normally is on the metal sleeve)


This is part of an ongoing series about the details & specifics on Changing Light Bulbs in your Buick Turbo Regal:

1) Overview
2) Head Lights
3) Bumper Lights (running lights, turn signals)
4) Front Corner Side Marker Lights
5) Front Lower Cornering Lamps (Limited models)
6) Under Hood Light
7) Brake & Turn Tail Lights
8) Backup Lights (reverse light)
9) Rear Running Tail Lights (center & side corner marker lights)
10) License Plate Light
11) Trunk Light
12) Under Dash / Courtesy Lights (driver / passenger side)
13) Glovebox Light
14) Dash plaque (usually on Limited models)
15) Dash Gauges / Side Warning Lights (analog & digital dash)
16) HVAC Light (heater / AC)
17) Console Shifter Indicator Light
18) Ashtray Light on Non-Console Cars (THIS page)
19) radio light bulbs
20) Rear Window Defogger Button Light
21) Rear View Mirror Map Lights (upgraded option, not standard on Regals)
22) Passenger Visor Vanity Mirror Light
23) Dome Light (t-top & hardtop; factory & upgraded hardtop versions)
24) CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Light, AKA Third Brake Light)
25) Lower Door Panel Courtesy Lights (Limited models)
26) Aftermarket Dash / Other Extra Add-on Gauge Lights (a-pillar, console under radio, etc)
27) Opera / Coach Lights (Limited models)

You can click any link above and be taken to the light of your choice.


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