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Turbo Buick Regal Grand National GNX T-type Turbo T Limited WH1 WE4 D84 Sport Coupe

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Buick Themed Key Chains

An assortment of key chains all with the Buick Theme on them (although some are shared with the other GM brands). . ....

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Buick Regal Hot Wheels Error Variations

Missing or mixed up wheels, absent hoods, other items that should/shouldn’t be there… Are these to be considered genuine collectable variations? To some people they are, to others, they’re just...

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Buick Hot Wheels Short Card Variations – European Versions

Here in The U.S.A. we are use to the long card style when purchasing the...

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Team Hot Wheels Top Rides Buick

Hot Wheels found another selling point for their Pennzoil Buick Grand National...

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Hot Wheels Pennzoil Buick Walmart Exclusive

Released in 2011, this Walmart exclusive Hot Wheels car featured “red...

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Fast & Furious Hot Wheels Buick GN!

So, there’s a guy on ebay who sells hot wheels cars, which really...

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We Need YOUR Regal Pictures!

If YOU own a 1984 1985 1986 1987 Turbo Buick Regal Grand National T-type GNX WE4 WH1 D84 that we don't have a picture of yet (go check on the TURBO BUICK LIST page) - could you PLEASE email us a photo of your car?!
Any other pictures you'd like to share would be cool too! Thanks!!

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If you're a Buick car club, Turbo Regal vendor/company, Turbo Buick community member, Grand National fan, etc., and need help in getting the word out on your event, car show, drag race, new product line, or have any similar news concerning the Buick Regal:
Drop us a line using our contact form, and if your story is newsworthy AND Buick related intended for the mass public, we will help you spread your info right here on at no charge!

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